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Gateway of Manifestation - 2/22- Candle & Petition Service

2/22 Time to expand. Jupiter is conjunct the glittering Moon in Aries, indicating action with fortunate outcomes, with Venus also in Aries until March 16. Venus + Jupiter are the benefic planets in Astrology, bringing things you want. 


2/22 With the Moon in Aries conjunct Venus (how you love) this fortunate lunation is bringing soft, but passionate energy for romance & positive financial flow. Practice loving self-care. Manifest your dreams, goals and wishes now with confidence. Things are unfolding for you.


A significant moment to plan for success in Astrology arrives with Mercury in Aquarius trine assertive Mars in Gemini, both in air signs, infusing your mind with energy. It's a great day for business and planning for the future. Take bold and decisive action now.


Gain mastery over your skills, accomplish your goals, and manifest your dreams.


On FEB 22, our service will honor the rare and powerful vibrations created by numerology and astrology, bringing greater blessings to you, aiding you in accomplishing your goals, and propelling you forward into situations and experiences that serve your higher good and elevate your consciousness.


We are in a POWERFUL period of manifestation!  


To take advantage of this Power energy and participate in the service, add the FEB 22nd service to your cart. Upon checkout, you may leave a short petition about any goals or intentions you seek to manifest in the “Notes/Comments” section. One candle will be anointed with a proprietary blend of oils from our Shop and lit for you on our sacred altar. Offerings will be left for Spirit, your guides, and ancestors to encourage all manner of blessings in your life. This is a group service with limited spots, so speedy enrollment is encouraged.


Pictures and a report from the service will be e-mailed to you. Service reports can take about a week or longer after the service to be sent.


Please disregard the digital download. 



Gateway of Manifestation - 2/22- Candle & Petition Service

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