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Goddess Abundantia - Alabaster Statue - Money and Success

Goddess Abundantia - Prayer for Money and Success. Goddess Abundantia is the Roman Goddess of Abundance, Good Fortune, and Success. Her name means "plenty" or "overflowing riches."


Abundantia - Prayer For Manifesting
(Source: Prayer As Taught By Dr. Doreen Virtue)

Abundantia is a beautiful goddess of success, prosperity, abundance, unexpected windfalls, and good fortune; Abundantia is also considered to be a protector of savings, investments, and wealth. Her image graced Roman coins in centuries past.

In Roman mythology, Abundantia brought money and grain to people while they were sleeping, shaking her gifts from the cornucopia ("horn of plenty") she continuously carried.

She is a vision of incredible beauty and angelic purity, very patient and extremely loving. Abundantia is like a gracious hostess, constantly asking if you need anything and then lovingly fulfilling your every wish. 


As a show of your faith in Heaven's readiness to help you, hold one or more coins in the hand you don't write with (this is your receptive hand) and say:

"Beautiful Abundantia, I desire to be like you - carefree and filled with faith that my supply is already in all ways. Help me replace any money worries with joy and gratitude. Help me open my arms so that Heaven may easily help me. Thank you for all of your guidance, gifts, and protection. I'm truly grateful, and I'm abundantly joyful and fulfilled. I let go and relax in the sure knowledge that I'm completely taken care of, immediately and in the future!"

Powerful Prayer for Abundance

To increase your supply of money, food, time, and opportunities, or whatever you desire more of, here's a powerful prayer. As you say this prayer, utter each name slowly, feeling the energy of each character:

"Beloved Abundantia … Damara … Dana … Ganesh … Lakshmi … and Sedna… thank you for the abundant supply in my life, overflowing with attractive opportunities for me to express my Divine light so that others may benefit as well. Thank you for all of the peace, happiness, and love you bring me. Thank you for all the time and energy that I have to fulfill my dreams and desires. Thank you for the generous financial support and supply. I gratefully accept all of your gifts and ask that you keep them coming."


This listing is for one statue made from alabaster. She is 5' tall. 


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Goddess Abundantia - Alabaster Statue - Money and Success

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