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Gold Lodestones- Draw Money, Love, Luck - Highly Magnetic-

You will receive 1 gold highly magnetic small lodestones, Intuitively picked for you. <3


Lodestones (Magnetite) are used for attracting love, prosperity, or whatever else is desired. These naturally occurring magnetic stones have been valued for millennia for their powerfully attractive properties.


Lodestones are naturally occurring magnetized pieces of iron ore (also called magnetite). These powerful curios are used to draw positive influences including love, money, people, business, etc. 


- Small Lodestones, an inch or less in size, are better suited for uses in mojo bags and oils. Larger Lodestones, two inches plus, are more ideal for use in spells to draw or attract one's desires. Extremely large sizes are best used for altarpieces or permanent workings, say to draw money for example.


- One can often find Lodestones for a sell that are painted, usually in the colors white, red, green, or gold. Painting a Lodestone is done based on magical color symbolism. Personally, I find painted Lodestones to be tacky and only use natural-color varieties. To each their own though.


- Do not wash Lodestones with water and do not keep Lodestones submerged in liquids or they will rust.


- Lodestone's spells are more powerful when done in conjunction with candle work and the burning of incense.


- Practitioners who work with Lodestones should keep about three "pet" stones, two inches or larger in size. These are the stones that practitioners will work with and re-use. I personally recommend at least three stones because I've found that I'm often working with more than one Lodestone, for different reasons and at the same time.


- Lodestones should keep three or more "mojo" Lodestones, an inch or less in size. These will be used to add to mojo bags and for use in oils.


- Practitioners who work with Lodestones should keep at least one "matched-pair" of Lodestones for use in love spells.


- Lodestones need to be "trained" in order to work. Training a Lodestone takes usually 7 days, though some workers only use three days. Most Lodestones that are included in mojo bags bought from occult shops, especially online occult shops, contain untrained Lodestones.


- Be kind to your Lodestones. Most practitioners are of the opinion that Lodestones are alive, which is why they are given a funeral when they "die". Talk to your Lodestones and show them affection as you would a pet. Let them know when they've done well for you.


How To Train A Lodestone: A Basic Lodestone Drawing Spell


Items Needed:


1 Lodestone

Lodestone Oil or Drawing Oil

Lodestone Incense or Drawing Incense (optional)

Whiskey or Florida water

Plate, Bowl, or Box

Magnetic Sand

Petition Paper 

Picture or Image of One's Desire (optional)


Wash the Lodestone with whiskey or Florida Water and allow it to dry. Fix a petition paper with one's desire. Place the fixed paper and the picture or image of one's desire on the plate, bowl, or in the box. Take the Lodestone and pray over it. Dress it with Lodestone Oil or Drawing Oil. Set it on top of the papers. Hold the plate, bowl, or box up to one's mouth and speak to the Lodestone so that one's breath falls upon it. Tell the stone what you want it to do, "Lodestone, as you draw your food to you, may you also draw unto me (your desire)". Sprinkle a pinch of magnetic sand on top of the Lodestone. Hide the plate, bowl, or box in a location where it will not be disturbed. For the next six days repeat the process of speaking to the Lodestone and telling it what one wishes it to do. Feed it and put it away. After doing this on the seventh day, hide the Lodestone and do not disturb it until it has accomplished its goal and one's desire has been met. Once the desire has been met, take the plate, bowl, or box out and thank the Lodestone for its help. Carefully remove the magnetic sand and save it for future use, assuming it is not rusted or too oily. The papers can be buried in one's front yard or taken to the crossroads to dispose of. Wash the Lodestone with whiskey or Florida Water and set the Lodestone aside for a period of time to rest until it is needed again.

Gold Lodestones- Draw Money, Love, Luck - Highly Magnetic


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