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Gypsy Gold Group Spell Private Working - Discover Unexpected Golden Blessings

Attract money, discover unexpected advantages and opportunities, and silence your enemies with The Conjured Saint’s Gypsy Gold Service. This group service has been designed to emanate the free spirit and good luck of the beautiful gypsy, who wanders freely with no worries and trusts in Spirit to always provide. Gain confidence and belief in your own abilities when you let go of the people and things hindering your success.


During Gypsy Gold, offerings are set to encourage money from unlikely sources to grace your path, as well as stop evil gossip and malicious intentions from hurting your reputation and opportunities. The properties of this Gypsy Gold working are carefully created to help draw in money from here, there and everywhere, while helping to reassure you it will be okay and protecting your achievements.


A candle will be lit for your intentions on my sacred altar and placed amidst authentic gold coins and an antique gypsy statue. Prayers will be said to your ancestors and guides to steer you towards financial prosperity and encourage blessings for a bright future. 


To participate, please leave your intention or goal in the Notes section upon checkout. Pictures and a report from the service will be e-mailed to you. Service reports can take about a week after the service to be sent.


Please disregard the digital download. 


“The Gypsy fire glows hot and bright-- Grace her palm with coins tonight-- For this gypsy sight is true! Good health and wealth will come to you!”


Please disregard the digital download.



Gypsy Gold Group Spell Service. I just wanted to tell you that I bought this service and yesterday I went to work for the first time in over a month because I’ve been recovering from getting a broken tooth pulled. I’m an exotic dancer and I made over $5,000 during my shift off only one customer. He ended up pulling $20k out and was generous with other girls too. The best night I’ve had in a very long time. Thank you ❤️


Divya M 

Testimonial- Gypsy Gold Service Hello. This was my first time working with you and since I'm Romany, I choose this service. I asked for some help with our taxes, they normally kill us each year. This time, the day after the Service, we found out we got a REFUND! This hasn't happened in over 10 years, we always owe. THEN- 2 days later, my mechanic called to say that a very expensive repair was his fault and would be fixed for no charge. In my mind, I just got over $3K for my little service payment. That's a good return if ever there was! I will definitely be working with you again. Thank you so much!


Hurricane Badessa the day I came across your Facebook page I knew you were sent by angels. I think you are so amazing I love seeing pictures of your services and your altar it's just so incredible. The Magick is Beautiful.. I have done several of your services the past 3 months I loved the recent Gypsy gold service trinka five trinka five ancient spirits come alive money grow and money thrive spirits of the trinka five! Friday the 13th I won $466 on a wrong # printed lottery ticket and today I won another $200 on a secret santa scratch off. I'm a single mom with a deadbeat dad and this is paying for my little girls Christmas. Thank you so much..Be blessed..💜 Denise and Brooklynn..


Attention loyal clients: Shipping time for orders September through December 2019 varies depending on the size of the order. We strive to have your package in the mail within 2-14 business days. Many items in our Shop are made-to-order. This means if you place a large order, shipping may take slightly longer.


Typically, we stay booked for Personal Ritual Services 2-4 weeks in advance. If your need is urgent, you may add an Urgency Fee and your service will take priority. When ordering a service, please send me all the information needed in the Notes section at checkout to avoid delay. I will not reach out to you with requests for information or reply to status update requests if you have already sent me the information I need for your service.  If no information is provided to me at the time of purchase, I will provide a general service for you based upon guidance from my own intuition.


Group services may be booked up until the day of the service or until the service is full. Spots are limited, so waiting to order your place in a group service is not recommended. 


We have heavy email volume, but try to respond as quickly as possible. If you have not received a response from us within a week or two, please kindly send your request again. We strive to be prompt and may have unintentionally overlooked your message.  We do not have a separate department that handles emails, social media, manufacturing, shipping, or any other division of the business, so your patience is appreciated.


Please read our shop policies before purchase. All sales are final. All written content, photos, and information on this website is protected by Copyright, as well as photos sent in reports. No use is allowed unless written permission is given.

Gypsy Gold Group Spell Private Working - Discover Unexpected Golden Blessings


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