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Healing Energy Ritual Candle- Body, Mind & Spirit

Lavender + Vanilla + Cedarwood

Inviting, warm woods pairs with the sweetness of vanilla, while the relaxing florals of lavender tame this cozy blend.


Body + Mind + Spirit

Prioritize self-care with the Healing Energy Ritual Candle. This restorative candle is a warm, self-love hug that soothes the senses. Aimed to gently provide comfort and serenity, this calming candle amplifies the positive energy in your home.


Before you light the candle, write down your person, ailment, place or thing that is in need of healing energy on a small piece of paper. Fold and place it under the candle. Focus on your intention as the candle burns. Use wisely & do no harm.


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Clear Quartz Points: The master healer, promotes positivity, amplifies energy


Lavender, Calendula, Tansy: Promotes healing for your mind, body & spirit


Purple, Lavender: Calming, healing, wisdom

Healing Energy Ritual Candle- Body, Mind & Spirit


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