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High John Root- Success, Personal Gain, Power, Prosperity, Drawing

This listing is for one Medium High John Root. 


High John the Conqueror has been used through the ages and is well known for its strengthening nature. Like Dragon’s Blood and The Lucky Hand Root, it has many powerful properties, such as commanding attention, personal gain, drawing luck, success, success in love, helping to solve problems, and removing obstacles. It's said a person carrying a whole High John Root will never be without money or a lover. They will be extremely LUCKY in Games of Chance and highly successful in all business and financial undertakings. 


For Protection:

Anoint a High John Root with Protection oil and place it in a black bag with Rue, Vetiver, and Peppermint, and an Onyx stone. Carry the bag on your person.


To protect your home, anoint a High John Root with Protection Oil, dust it with Circle of Protection Powder, and hang it from your front door. One may also bury the root next to the door or in a prominent house plant.


For Luck:

Anoint a High John Root with High John the Conqueror Oil, and carry it in a green bag. One may wish to add a four-leaf clover or talisman of luck.


To Attract a Lover:

Anoint a High John Root with Come to Me Oil, and wrap it in a hair from the head of the desired one. Carry the root in a red flannel bag when meeting one’s beloved.


For Money:

Anoint a High John Root with Money Drawing Oil and wrap it in a dollar (or two dollars) bill. When folding the bill, continuously fold it toward yourself, not away. Add nine pieces of Devil’s Shoestring, and place these in a red flannel bag. One may wish to add a Silver Mercury-Head Dime from a leap year to the bag.  (Good luck finding that.


For Gambling:

Anoint a High John Root with Lady Luck Oil or Fast Luck Oil. Place it in a red or green bag with Five Finger Grass, a Lucky Hand Root, an Alligator Foot, and a pair of dice. Carry it on your person when playing games of chance.


For Power:

Anoint a High John Root with Crown of Success Oil. Place it in a red flannel bag. Ladies may add Angelica Root or Bloodroot (the white pieces), and Gentlemen may add Bitter Root or Bloodroot (the red pieces).


High John Success Ritual


High John works with Jupiter.


For this reason, Thursdays are good days to work your “success magic”.

  •  Anoint a yellow candle with Money Drawing oil.
  • Light the candle.
  • Hold the High John root in your dominant hand as the candle burns and visualize it filling with a soft golden light.
  • Picture yourself with your desired outcome.
  • Feel the feeling of success of having manifested your goal.
  • Know that no matter what obstacles you face, you are able to overcome them. When you are confident that the root has absorbed as much power as it can, anoint it with some of the Crown of Success oil and snuff the candle.
  • Be sure to carry the root with you. It is a perfect herb to include in your Mojo bag, too.


Sold as a Curio only. 


You will receive one root.


Thanks for looking!

High John Root- Success, Personal Gain, Power, Prosperity, Drawing


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