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Holey Stone Talisman - Reputed To Have Extremely Powerful Magical Properties

Holey stones are old stones carved by nature that have holes that go completely through the stone. These stones are reputed to have extremely powerful magical properties, the most important of which is protection.


The Legend of The Holey Stone 

Holey stones, also known as Hag Stones, Faerie Stones, Odin Stones and Witch's Amulets, are stones with a naturally created hole in them. Most holey stones are created by water eroding weakened spots on the stone until a hole occurs, though many are created by wind, erosion, and weathering alone. Because these stones take a very long time to be created, it is believed they carry with them the wisdom of ages of ancestors before us.

Holey stones are very powerful stones, magickally speaking. They are used as the ultimate protection stone, generally worn by witches around the neck to ward off evil spirits, sickness, negative energy, curses, and nightmares. They can also be hung above doorways or windows (by a black ribbon for the most impact) in the home for protection, or hungover your familiar's favorite sleeping spot to protect your pet. To help prevent nightmares, and protect those while sleeping, hang a Holey Stone over or near the bed to act as a shield.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Holey Stone is the belief that the hole in the stone is actually a window into other realms or dimensions. It is believed that looking through the hole allows the viewer to see into the Faerie Realm, or to see spirits, beings, and creatures not generally visible by the naked eye in this realm. In Italian folklore, it is believed that these stones have the power to communicate with the Fae to ask for their help for a short period of time.

Holey Stones are most powerful during Full Moons, and at Samhain, when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest.


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Holey Stone Talisman - Reputed To Have Extremely Powerful Magical Properties

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