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HUGE Rare Fire Eye Faceted Polished Natural PYROPE GARNET

Deep. Potent. Powerful. 


The birthstone of this witch, the Garnets can be divided into 2 subgroups based upon their composition. Group 1 garnets contain aluminum as their second element. Group 1 garnets include Pyrope, Almandine, and Spessartine. Group 2 garnets contain calcium as their first element. Group 2 garnets include Uvarovite, Grossular, and Andradite. 


PYROPE GARNET is rarer than most garnets, including the more common Almandine. PYROPE GARNET typically contains fewer flaws and inclusions than Almandine garnet. The only garnet to always display red colorations in natural samples, PYROPE means Fire Eye. Other names for PYROPE GARNET are bohemian garnet, cape ruby and Rocky Mountain ruby. 


Magically, Garnets may be used for protection, healing and to increase productivity, focus mental activity, attract business success, open up the higher mind, access information from past lives, increase strength and stamina, empower the life force, augment physical vitality, and anchor the subtle body into physical incarnation. Garnets may also be used for fairy magic and protection. 


These high quality beautifully polished faceted natural PYROPE GARNET gemstone specimens are from India and measure approximately the size of a quarter! The garnet you will receive will be **ONE** of those shown in the photo. 


**This listing is for **ONE** [1] PYROPE GARNET gemstone specimen. 

HUGE Rare Fire Eye Faceted Polished Natural PYROPE GARNET

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