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I Am Magic (I Speak in Spells) - Sex, Love and Magic

I Am Magic (I Speak in Spells) - Sex, Love and Magic 

8oz Soy Crystal Intention Candle Crystals: Indigo Gabbro, Fire Quartz, Mixed Tourmaline, Peridot Scent: Cassia and Vanilla


Introducing "I Am Magic (I Speak in Spells)" 8oz Soy Crystal Intention Candle


🕯️ Light up your intentions and harness the mystical energies within this enchanting candle. 



- Indigo Gabbro: Resembling a dragon egg, it symbolizes magic, hidden potential, and power. This stone opens all seven chakras, revealing your spiritual gifts and natural strengths.


- Peridot: With its glimmering green hue, it symbolizes purpose and focus, bringing good-luck vibes and a sense of calm and safety.


- Mixed Tourmaline Chip Stones: Attract love and repel energy vampires, enhancing your romantic sex energies.


- Fire Quartz: A powerful energy stone, it stimulates personal power, self-confidence, and personal expressiveness.



- Cassia and Vanilla: The delightful blend of scents adds a touch of magic to your surroundings.


Set your intentions, ignite this candle, and watch as the energies of Indigo Gabbro, Peridot, Mixed Tourmaline, and Fire Quartz merge with the captivating aroma to enhance your journey towards self-discovery and transformation. Embrace your inner magic and speak your spells with confidence. ✨🕯️ 

I Am Magic (I Speak in Spells) - Sex, Love and Magic