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Laxmi Goddess of Fortune Miniature Statuette- Changes Money Related Problems

 Laxmi Goddess of Fortune


Lakshmi statue made of sacred Ganges Clay and resin materials by our artisan's cooperative in India. She's hand painted so each one is a little different.

Size: About 6 inches high.


"Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, health, prosperity, both material and spiritual, light wisdom, fortune, fertility, generosity, and courage. She is the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm. She brings good luck and protects her devotees from all kinds of misery and money related problems. Lakshmi is the embodiment of God’s superior spiritual feminine energy, or the Param Prakriti, which purifies, empowers, and uplifts the individual. Hence, she is called the Goddess of Good Fortune, and the Mother of the Universe."


Lakshmi Mantra can create tremendous results to attain Huge Money and Wealth. Lakshmi Mantra creates perfect frequency in the chanter’s Aura to find Money. Once Lakshmi Mantra is adjusted and aligned with chanter’s energy then it gives continues flow of money and wealth. For adjustment and alignment Lakshmi Mantra takes almost 40 days of nonstop chanting but for some people, it takes little longer. No one has a clear explanation why Lakshmi Mantra or any other mantra takes longer time for alignment. 


Who is Goddess Lakshmi?


In Hinduism Goddess Lakshmi is a Deity of Money and Wealth. Lord Vishnu’s wife Goddess Lakshmi also plays a protector role like Lord Vishnu. Therefore Goddess Lakshmi Mantra gives immense money to live perfectly prosperous and wealthy life.


Goddess Lakshmi is the Symbol of Good Fortune in Hinduism. In Sanskrit Language meaning of the word Lakshmi is imitative from the word Laksya (Aim) and she is the Goddess of money, wealth, and prosperity even both material and spiritual. 


Figure of Goddess Mahalakshmi (Mahalaxmi)


Goddess Lakshmi is a fair and golden complexion female Deity with 4 hands, sitting or standing on a full-bloomed pink or red lotus. She holds a beautiful lotus bud in one of her hand, which stands for charm, purity, and lushness. Goddess Lakshmi’s four hands represent the four main points of human life:






She wears reddish golden cloths which are the symbols of power and prosperity. Flowing coins from her hand show the abundance. Two elephants are standing next to the goddess and spraying water is the symbol of both material and spiritual prosperity.


Lakshmi Mantra


How to Start Lakshmi Mantra (Laxmi Mantra)


There are many types of Lakshmi Mantras and each Mantra creates its own vibrations but all mantras give money, wealth, and prosperity. People often start Lakshmi Mantra from Friday or from Full Moon with a lotus seed rosary or a crystal rosary. Counting of Lakshmi Mantra depends on chanter’s need. If your need of money is little then 108/daily chanting is enough but if your need of money is high then go for 108X5/daily. The more you chant, the more you attract money as the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi.


This mantra can be chanted anytime even while travelling or carrying on the daily work whether at home or office. However, for an involved sadhana, it is advised that the chanters take a holy bath, sit in front of the image or picture of goddess Lakshmi, light ghee lamp and incense sticks, offer vermilion and Kumkum, decorate the picture or idol with flowers, and offer betel leaves and nuts along with some Prasad.



Once the setup is ready, Lakshmi mantra can be chanted for 1008 times if possible or 108 times regularly during the course of the sadhana.


Lakshmi Mantra for wealth:

Padma Priye Padmini Padma Haste Padmalaye Padma Dalayadakshi

Viswa Priye Vishnu Manonukule Tvatpada Padmam Mayi Sannidastva

Sarasija Nilaye Saroja Haste Davala Damamshuka Gandha Malya Shobe

Bhagavati Hari Vallabhe Manogne Tribhuvana Bhutikari Praseeda Mahyam


Translation of Lakshmi Mantra:

Oh goddess Padmini (one of the names of Lakshmi derived from lotus), you like lotus, you have made lotus your home, you carry lotuses in your hand; your eyes look so beautiful like the petals of the lotus flower


You are liked by the whole world; you carry out the divine commands of Lord Vishnu; we take refuge under your lotus feet


You are stationed in lotus; your hands hold lotuses; you are resplendent wearing a highly fragrant garland


You are the most venerable goddess and the consort of Hari (Vishnu) and the giver of boons. You be pleased who is the giver of wealth to all the three worlds.


Chanting the above mentioned mantra 1008 times a day for 108 days makes the chanting process cross more than a lakh which is said to be highly beneficial one bringing all prosperity and happiness to the chanter. People depend on this mantra for escaping from debts and win a comfortable and happy life for the whole family. Since the traditional belief says Lakshmi resides in every home, it is important that the clean, harmonious and congenial atmosphere in home is maintained to win her blessings in abundance


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Laxmi Goddess of Fortune Miniature Statuette- Changes Money Related Problems

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