Lemon Quartz Tumbled Gemstone - AAA Crystal Clear-  Stone of  Good Luck

Lemon Quartz


Is believed to be one of the most powerful healing gemstones available;

It is used to focus thoughts and sharpen the mind;

Is able to transmit positive energy to its wearer;

Can clear and remove any negative energy from body;

Filters out any unnecessary distractions of the mind;

It amplifies thoughts and memory;

Reduces and clears all negativity and anxiety from the wearer;

Is known as an attraction or “Money Stone” – simply wearing it attracts financial prosperity;

Due to the color association with Manipura the Solar Plexus it improves the digestive system and helps reduce diabetic effect;

It is true quartz, so a master healer. Again due to the connection with Manipura it masters physical well being and is regarded as the “anti-illness” stone;

Is known for its ability to help make clear and action-based decisions;

Clear thinking and proactivity is amplified;

It reduces anger and frustration, clears the subtle bodies and aura.



Lemon Quartz Healing Properties – Lemon Quartz Metaphysical Properties


Lemon Quartz Healing Properties Attract And Amplify Positivity.

Lemon Quartz is a hexagonal silicon dioxide crystal and most commonly found in Brazil and Africa.

It gains its distinctive yellow coloring because of it being naturally irradiated.

This is a natural form of radiation and therefore the crystal is perfectly safe, however because of its irradiated state it does have a very high vibration. Those who are sensitive to crystalline vibration energy can find it to be too much.


The mineral healing properties relate directly to its natural lemon yellow coloration.

Ultimate Guide To Lemon Quartz Metaphysical Properties.


Healing Properties:


  • Boosts Our Self Image and Creativity;
  • Improve and Amplify Personal Optimism;
  • Improves our Feelings of Self and promotes Personal Well-being;
  • Assists us clarify direction, consolidate goals, set targets and focus our mind;
  • Heightens and amplifies the energies required for us to speak and communicate our truth and be able to express our emotions;
  • Provides energies which enable our ability to signal hope and promotes positive thought;
  • Enables the connections that build our spiritual capability for sensing, feeling and receiving information intuitively;
  • Gives us clarity of thought, which strengthens personal communication and promotes emotional balance.
  • Promotes self-worth, self-esteem, and a sense of freedom.
  • Amplify energies that aid the reduction of anxiety and lowers stress.
  • Promotes forward-focused thought,
  • Enables our ability to see and create or manifest desires for the future
  • Stimulates the enjoyment of our current realism or “being in the moment” (which is a reminder to count our blessings)
  • Allows us to signal our intent and amplifies the energies needed for the creation of opportunities for abundance and prosperity.


Lemon Quartz Healing Properties For Physical Health:


  • Speeds our recovery after illness or surgery;
  • Improves will power and aids digestion – so is an excellent crystal for dieters;
  • Is able to reduce food cravings;
  • Reduces nicotine cravings if you wish to give up smoking;
  • Increases your metabolic rate.


Spiritual Energy Associated With Lemon Quartz


  • It is said that it is a stone of Good Luck and should be worn/carried when attending job interviews or sitting exams;
  • The crystal enables higher thinking, deeper thinking, and intuitive thinking;
  • As a stone of good luck it is said to bring in money during times of emergency or need;
  • Is excellent for scrying (helping to create a clearer channel to spirit and guides);
  • Lemon Quartz healing properties is its true gift to the wearer/user, is that it helps to remind what is important;
  • It enhances our feelings and bonds with loved ones who are still present and to those who have crossed over;
  • Is an excellent gift for a friend or loved one. It makes the recipient feel warm, content and at peace with those around them and in their environment;
  • Can be used with Ajna (Third Eye) and Sahasrara Crown Chakra as it increases the connection to universal energy, deepens meditation, and aids channeling guidance of spirit.
  • An excellent aura crystal and for developing psychic abilities.


You will receive 1 AAA Crystal Clear Lemon Quartz Tumbled Gemstone.


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Lemon Quartz Tumbled Gemstone - AAA Crystal Clear- Stone of Good Luck


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