Little John Root- Home Grown & Harvest-Love, Sex, Fidelity, Court Winnings, Cash

Little John Root -Low John, Southern John, Dixie John Root- Love, Sex, Fidelity, Court Winnings & Money Conquer, Command, Empower, Succeed.


It is known by a wide variety of names including Little John to Chew and Chewing John, and even Court Case Root. These spring-flowering members of the lily family have long been used medicinally, and among Euro-American herbalists, low john is sold medicinally under the name birth root or beth root and used to make a tonic for a soothing aid in childbirth and with menstrual cramps. In Hoodoo, where Low John is most frequently known and utilized, Low John is viewed as an essential component in seeking favor in court cases, as you might have guessed by its other alias of Court Case Root. Therein it is frequently viewed to help sway justice to your side. Otherwise, it has also seen a great deal of use in money drawing spells, spells that protect and break hexes and curses, and even sex and psychic magic.


It is considered an endangered species and is illegal to harvest. I have a couple of plants in my own garden which I harvest to use the roots in my oils and powders. They are becoming very difficult to find due to their endangerment and they are often mislabeled in botanicas which are selling galangal roots instead of true southern john's. Southern john's can be identified by their hairs (rootlets) and segmented body.


Little John to Chew is used for good legal outcomes in court case work as well as for general luck and protection.


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Ideas for magical uses:


Burn Little John with Deer's Tongue, Cascata Sagrada and Tobacco on a charcoal for a powerful court case incense. 

Make a Little John infusion (tea) and add it to a bath before you enter a courtroom.


Dress a yellow candle or a Court Case candle with Court Case oil and sprinkle a pinch of Little John and a pinch of Calendula for success in court cases involving money.  


Chew some Little John and spit a small amount in your hand and discreetly touch it to some courtroom furniture for good legal outcomes. 


For a better sex life, tie low john in a muslin or cheesecloth bag and launder it with your bed clothes, underwear or lingerie. To break up an affair troubling your marriage, mix the root with the hair or nail parings of you and your spouse and burn them to ashes. Use the ashes to mark the corners and center of your bedroom and bed, praying the 91st Psalm for the intruder to go away.


*Seasonal item as I can only harvest so many from my gardens.

You will receive 1 root. Sizes vary.


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curio only.

Little John Root- Home Grown & Harvest-Love, Sex, Fidelity, Court Winnings, Cash


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