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Love Candle & Petition Service- Oct28th- Smooching, Cuddling Arousing Activities

Every month, we perform one Love magick (Love ritual) service. Each service is performed on the best day of the month for Love, based on the most prosperous astrological events of that month!


Venus sextile Jupiter transit is excellent for partying and making love. You should feel warm and happy inside and will want to share the good feelings. This transit is an indicator of good luck and you may receive gifts, money or compliments. You will also be in a generous mood and not greedy at all.


 This magical dynamic duo of the two benefics in Astrology is playing a major role in an especially fortunate, abundant, + miraculous October 28! Wealth number!  Venus brings money, luck, love, and happiness. There are very positive results when Jupiter and Venus interact!


This energy is of particular interest to those looking for love or who want to boost their sexual or romantic appeal. It is also ideal for mending stressful relationships and even your reputation because others will find you attractive at this time. Venus and Jupiter's transit bless you with the confidence to relax and express the more affectionate and welcoming side of your personality. It’s a period of relaxation and harmony. And what’s more, Venus rules money and Jupiter rules wealth, so investments made now should work in your favor!  You will find yourself in pleasurable situations and getting along with others, making it the ideal time to take a vacation, shop (because your finances will be in harmony), get together with friends and family, and express yourself in positive ways!


To participate in the Candle Lighting and Petition Service, please leave your request in the "note to seller" section upon payment and I will light a candle, dressed in my love and romance oils, for your goal. This mini-love spell can be used for new relationships, to draw in love, self-love, marriage, proposals, healing, attractiveness, favor, blessings, and more.


The Conjured Saint is offering a Love Service for clients who want to attract and celebrate love energy of all types: self-love, romantic love, passion for their hobbies or work, etc. This service is all about the grateful heart, which we know leads to further blessings of all kinds. When we make the most of the existing love in our lives, we attract more love and abundance.


To participate, please select our Love Service on our Web site and leave your intentions in the Notes section at checkout. A candle will be lit for your goals and offerings made to your guides and angels to bring love, compassion, kindness, tenderness, and success into your life.

Thanks for looking and may you be blessed.

Love Candle & Petition Service- Oct28th- Smooching, Cuddling Arousing Activities

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