Lucky Buddha Oil- Health, Beauty, Love, Wealth and Luck

MY Lucky Buddha Oil is a beautiful alchemy blend of essential oils such as Orange, Blood Orange, Fig, and Bergamot. 


This is a very traditional recipe with a Hoodoo twist! Used for drawing and attraction workings of all types-especially in the marriage proposal area.


Created with;

  • Essential oils such as Orange, Blood Orange, Fig, and Bergamot. Oranges have long been prized as signs of freshness, vitality, wealth, and luck.
  • Gold Magnetic Sand and Lodestones- Gold Magnetic Sand- Magnetically draw positive influences like love, money, and luck. My magnetically sand is charged to attract Money and Luck to you! And Lodestones are naturally occurring magnetized pieces of iron. These powerful curios are used to draw positive influences, including love, money, people, business, etc.
  • 14kt Gold Flakes
  • Orange Peel- For abundance, happiness, harmony, peace, love.
  • Fig- Spiritual awakening. Buddha is said to have been enlightened while meditating beneath this tree. Also, the fig tree reminds us to trust our intuition to take advantage of abundant opportunities coming our way.
  • Secret Ingredient- My Buttercup flower oil - Buttercups are associated with marriage & engagements, and the oil is used in rituals involving commitments and sacred binding vows.

Charged with:

  • Jade (protection, prosperity, abundance, clarity, modesty, courage, justice, wisdom, peace, releasing negative thoughts, alleviates anxiety and fear, seeing the truth, helps put things in perspective, remaining calm under pressure) Jade is also very helpful as a stone of abundance and money on many cultures.