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Money Drawing Candle Custom Loaded, Dressed and Blessed | Raises, Promotions, Investments, Gambling, Successful Business, all around Money.


  • 6in coach candle
  • You will receive 1 loaded, Dressed, and Blessed Candle.


Loaded And Blessed With:

  • Master Root Chips 
  • Alkanet Root Chips 
  • Irish Moss
  • Bayberry Chips 
  • Calendula Petals
  • Min Loadstone 
  • Mint
  • And other Secret Ingredients 


This candle will come to you dressed in My Money Oil as well.



Suggested Psalms


  • For Quick money and good health, read the 81st Psalm.
  • To attract money, happiness and success, read Psalms 54 and 71.
  • To attract money and work, read Psalm 61.
  • To bring money, luck, and financial success, read Psalm 150 three times.



Working candles must be burned on a heat-safe surface in a heat-safe dish. Please do not leave unattended. HERBS WILL IGNITE AS THEY ARE FLAMMABLE.



**Just an honest review, I'm amazed. I bought a candle for my sister and bought a Money Drawing Candle Custom for myself, amongst other items which I am yet to use. I burnt the Money Drawing Candle Custom on Thursday, and on Monday, my other sister wrote me a check for $150; I asked her why, she said "just cuz" that was it....:) It's my first time with conjured Saint, am loving it and will surely come back for more. And hey, communication with him is a 5-star rating from me. So don't be afraid. Give it a shot, with FAITH. cheers !!


Thanks for looking<3

Money Drawing Candle Custom Loaded | Raises, Promotions, Investments, Gambling


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