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Money Magic Tea

MONEY MAGIC TEA infused with Green Calcite crystal
5oz/12 servings


Contains: one green calcite crystal and a tea blend of mint*, hibiscus*, nettle leaf*, goji berry, cinnamon chips*, alfalfa*, & a green calcite crystal. *indicates organic ingredient


Blended and Blessed with Manifestation Magic on unceded Ohlone land in San Francisco, California

Cinnamon is a wonderful plant friend that stimulates and activates prosperity and money drawing. Mint represents all those leafy green dollar bills headed your way. Nettles and goji berry nourish and enrich you for the journey. Alfalfa is an anti-scarcity ally.


The herbs in Money Magic tea activate, energize, and nourish your money manifestations. Water is a conduit of these energies to every cell of your being. Fill your cup and envision your life full with abundance. Sip and invite cash and prosperity to flow into all areas of your life.


To use: Steep your tea in boiling hot water overnight in a clear glass jar placed on top of the largest cash denomination you have. Sweeten with honey and drink chilled while you imagine your capacity for making money with integrity being fortified from the inside.


Money Magic Tea


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