oney Magick-  WEALTH BOWL - Money Altar Set Up- Money Energy

These shiny Money Magick Amulet Wealth Bowls help you attract the wealth energy and fuel your intent and desire for wealth. A beautifully embossed rear metal Money amulet with the God of Wealth image is laying in the bronze wealth bowl, filled with overflowing coins, ingots, and more.


Display the wealth bowl in the southeast or money area of any room or the NW sector of your home. This will active the money energy in your home. The Chinese wealth god is an auspicious enhancer to bring wealth to your home. In bad times, he protects your family from poverty. 


I've only made 5 of theres do to the very rare and hard to find money amulet's to make them. 


Thanks for looking <3 

Bowl measure 3" wide x 1.5 H . Wealth God ingot measure 1.5."

Money Magick- WEALTH BOWL - Money Altar Set Up- Money Energy


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