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Money Candle - Blessed by Real Monks-  Attraction Manifestation Prosperity

Candles are consecrated by monks. Each consecration ritual includes offering fruits, sweets, flowers and petals to the altar. As well as thorough recitation of prayers and singing of touching spiritual songs.


The Candle Money undergoes a complex, long ritual and is consecrated by 19 powerful prayers with multiple repetitions (more than 450 times). Some of the prayers are transmitted from Master to Master by word of mouth and are not published to the general public, thus they retain their full strength. This candle is great for solving all financial problems, gaining prosperity and luck in business, or getting a promotion at work.


Votive candles are candles, that are offered as a gift to God and a request for help, healing or fulfillment of any desire, they are truly a road opener. And Wish Candle are such candles. You can light a candle both from yourself and on behalf of your loved ones if your your motives are pure 


The purest, natural, highest quality beeswax is purchased from beekeeping farmers. A small percentage of food paraffin is added to the candles in order to maintain their shape during transportation 


The candle is not green, because pure green color can never be obtained in combination with natural beeswax. Only natural materials absorb the maximum charge of energy. This is indicated by many Masters in different traditions, such as Reiki, Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, Hoodoo, and many others. In Wish Candles, we focus on getting the maximum result

Money Wish Candle - Blessed by Real Monks- Attraction Manifestation Prosperity

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