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Morganite Gemstone Bracelet- Love, Healing Increases Powers of Manifestation

You cannot help but fall head over heels with Morganite (we guess it's all the love magic). Whether you wear it as part of your crystal jewelry, build an angelic altar for it, or simply find a way to work its Feng Shui splendor into your home, there are endless ways to enjoy the stone’s heart-felt energy. Take a look at these ways to welcome more Morganite into your life…


Connected with the Heart Chakra, Morganite is all about keeping your heart open and energy in flow. A heart block can make it so you struggle to trust or that you constantly battle with the idea of unconditional love. When we put demands on our own hearts, it can make us harsh to ourselves and others and before we know it, we can become our own blocks. Morganite keeps you open and ever ready for all your heart has to receive. It also works with the divine heart, the place where our compassion and understanding shines like the sun out from our soul.


Morganite is an amazing crystal for anyone in a relationship and looking to iron out a few kinks. It helps nurture communication, connection, and releases an attachment way of thinking that could be holding you back from happiness. Even if you aren’t currently partnered but are open to the idea of another’s love, Morganite sends vibrations out into the world meaning that you could attract that perfect partner through the powers of manifestation.


Morganite makes for an amazing stone to work into your gemstone jewelry collection. It’s come in colors of pale pink blues and greens. Shimmer is absolutely divine and brings feminine grace to any wardrobe choice. Wearing Morganite bracelets is the best way to invite its healing vibes to flow straight from the stone and into your heart. When you have a direct connection with the skin, there is nothing to dampen the dreamy flow of the gemstone's vibrations, meaning you get the full force of its power. Because of Morganite's connection to divine love and compassion, it makes for a very popular engagement stone, especially as it comes in some healthy carat sizes.


If you are looking for stones that complement the healing powers of Morganite then you can kickstart with Tourmaline or Amethyst. Tourmaline is another stone that can amp up your compassion and understanding and diminish those tightly held fears that we tend to carry with us. Rose Quartz is another stone that beautifully complements the heart-healing vibes of the Morganite crystal. Another heart healer, Rose Quartz makes sure that you are getting a shot of self-love directly to your heart chakra every single day. Pink Emerald and Kunzite are another couple of healing crystals that adores Morganite – in fact, many of the rosy-hued stones will complement this perfectly pink variety.


You will receive 1 braclet! 

Morganite Gemstone Bracelet- Love, Healing Increases Powers of Manifestation


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