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La Madama Ritual Image Candle with Oil -NEON GREEN- Luck, Prosperity, Ancestor

Keep harm away and protect your home, health, wealth, and family with The Conjured Saint's hand-blended artisan La Madama Oil, made with botanicals and infused with crystals to capture the magickal essence of La Madama!


La Madama is honored by spiritual workers, fortune tellers, diviners, and mothers. She is depicted holding a broom, used to sweep negative energy away from you and your home and sweep blessings and fortune in! In some traditions, La Madama also holds a basket for offerings. She is known for attracting business opportunities, payments, and windfalls and provides love, luck, and protection for the home. This spirit is kind and altruistic, like a warm and comforting mother swooping in to help you pick up the pieces.


Indeed, La Madama charms and tokens were swaddled into the cloth dolls that were made for slave children. This doll was very precious because even having a spare cloth to make a doll for a child was rare for slaves. If the child was separated from her mother, as often happened during that time, the child was left with the Madama doll that represented their mother. In this way, she stayed connected to her real mother's spirit.


La Madama's job is to set everything right, provide protection to those under her wing, and attract wealth, health, and luck to the home. Use our oil to petition her for a favor, invite her presence into your home, or bring you luck and protection on your journey.


Your candle will come with a loaded basket full of good juju, and you will receive her oil.


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La Madama Ritual Image Candle with Oil -NEON GREEN- Luck, Prosperity, Ancestor


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