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Nightmares & Night Terrors Banishing Oil- Dispel Your Nightmares

Banishing Nightmares


Many of us find our peaceful night’s sleep punctuated by nightmares. These may be brought on by the stress of our day, by sub-consciously suppressed memories/events/emotions from our past, and even occasionally by mischievous or harmful spirits.


This ‘spell’ is going to use the energy of the nine of swords tarot card to ‘dispel’ your nightmares.


Work this spell on a Monday, using blue, silver or white candles.  I have crafted this oil with cloves, frankincense, sage, rosemary, sandalwood, moonstone, and clear quartz crystal.


What to do:

1. First, prepare yourself a hot cup of tea containing chamomile and valerian. You can usually find this type of tea ready-made in the grocery store, often advertised as ‘calming tea’, ‘sleepy-time tea’, ‘bed-time tea’, etc. If you’re not successful locating it at your local store, add a pinch of the herbs chamomile and valerian to a decaffeinated tea…make sure the valerian is a small pinch! You don’t want to add too much of this herb.

2. Cast your circle.

3. Light the incense.

4. Anoint your candle with the oil, and light it.

5. On the nine of swords tarot card, write the following spell:


“As this card burns

 Within this fire,
 All my nightmares shall retire,
 Leaving me with pleasant dreams and restful sleep,
 Unending nights of peace to keep.”


6. Burn the tarot card in the flames of your spell candle. Take some time then to sit and sip your tea, relaxing as you watch the flame of your spell candle, allowing your mind to wander where it will for a while.


Take the remnants of this spell and place them in a small black bag. The next day go for a drive and find a spot to dispose of the bag; perhaps a dumpster at the park, or an isolated grove of trees. You might want to dismantle the bag at this time and sprinkle the contents upon the spot you’ve chosen.


Thanks for looking!

Nightmares & Night Terrors Banishing Oil- Dispel Your Nightmares


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