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Only Briefly Bath Bomb - Kundalini Energy, Clears Away Blockages

The moth acts as a sign for you to trust your intuition and the messages you are getting from beyond. The answers to your questions are hidden in plain sight and the moth reminds you are your best guiding light through the darkness. What you need is already within you.



Revisiting past lives and inherited karma, allow for recognizing, releasing, and beginning deep emotional healing. Serpentineopens the flow of Kundalini energy, transcending through all of the chakras, it clears away blockages and arises to an expanded state of consciousness. Reestablishing harmony and balance within the body, Serpentine brings you into alignment with your life’s purpose. It carries the life force of nature, deepening your connection to all living things and facilitating communication with beings of the Devic realm. It holds the evolutionary history of the world, revealing ancient wisdom to be applied towards your personal growth.



A warm nostalgic spicy blend inspired by a fall cozy night under the stars with moths dancing around your aura. It's a sweet mix of chamomile, bergamot, cocoa-power, cinnamon, rose, and fresh moss. It transports you to a woodland garden with blooming flowers and magic lingering in the air. 

Only Briefly Bath Bomb - Kundalini Energy, Clears Away Blockages


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