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Oshun Ritual Image Candle - Love, Wealth, Confidence, Health

Oshun the Orisha of the Rivers, Love, Sensuality & Gold.Also known as Erzulie, Oxum, Afradi and Mama Shola Wanga.Our maternal and fertile divinity.


Oshun, The Orisha of love, healing, and freshwaters, who is always seen in a yellow dress, often with a large hibiscus flower behind her ear...she provides a fruitful atmosphere for love, marriage, fertility, laughter, dancing, dates, protection from false love and abundance!


 Everything beautiful belongs to her; all jewelry, amber, coral, fans, cowrie shells, brass, gold, river rocks, perfume, mirrors, shades of yellow, copper arm bands, copper bracelets, dancing, honey, and the number and multiples of 5. Oshun belonged to no man and believed all was fair in games of love. Create an altar for her with yellow candles, cinnamon, anise, pumpkins, amber, coral, and cowries


She helps us with finances, love, relationships, fertility and matters of our children.

She is very protective and cherishes her offerings 

She protects especially women during childbirth & women working in the adult entertainment industry.

Saturday is her day for offerings.

Her number is 5.

Feast day: Sept. 8th or July 16th.

Favorite colors: gold, all shades of yellow to orange.

Favorite gifts: comb and mirror, perfumes, flowers and yellow ribbons.

Favorite plants and herbs: cinnamon, sunflower, anise, mint, rose, witch hazel.

Favorite foods: Orange, grapes, cherries, pumpkin, eggs, cowbean, dried prawns, honey, peanuts, olive oil, lemon, white sugar, salt and honey.

Favorite Beverage: Champagne and sparkling wine.


This candle stands about 8 inches tall!


Oshun Ritual Image Candle - Love, Wealth, Confidence, Health

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