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Ostara Moon Magick Ritual Service -March 20- Abundance, Love, Fertility, Faerie

Ostara Moon Magick Ritual Service


Restore your sacred energy and welcome the birth of Spring with The Conjured Saint’s Ostara Moon Magick Ritual Service! Ostara, also known as the Vernal or Spring Equinox, occurs on March 20th and celebrates the birth of spring, as the appearance of blossoms begins to hail life stirring within Mother Earth after a long winter!


Ostara is the time to embrace new beginnings, hopes, and new relationships. The festival of Eostre, the lighthearted Anglo-Saxon Goddess, invokes the balance between light days and dark nights. Associated with the Christian Easter holiday, which was modeled after the Pagan celebration, Ostara is known as a time of fertility, abundance, and the birth of new spring animals, such as lambs and rabbits. 


On this sacred day, witches light new fires at sunrise and rejoice as the festivities begin. Old World Pagan traditions include the ringing of bells, decorating hard-boiled eggs in an array of colorful spring colors, and blessing seeds for spring plantings.


The Conjured Saint Ostara ritual will call upon an ancient hare, rabbit, faerie, and goddess energy to connect us to the spirit realm, bestow us with ancient wisdom, and bring us love, luck, and rejuvenation. The Hare and Rabbit have long been associated with magick. Their ability to dart quickly amidst the shadows, as they walk between the earthly realm and the spirit realm, often disappearing in the blink of any eye, makes them privy to hidden knowledge and wisdom. They are witches’ familiars and also familiars to many goddesses, and are said to be able to talk to faeries. Eostre herself is said to have taken the shape of the Hare at each full moon and was often depicted with a white Hare by her side. 


To capture this sacred, ancient energy, I will use a New Hare Ritual candle, perfect for moon and goddess rituals. Proprietary Spring oils made especially for this service with botanicals and crystals appropriate for fertility, rebirth, self-love, positive energy, prosperity, and renewed strength will be used to anoint a candle for your petition. To participate, please choose the Ostara Ritual in my Services section of the Shop and leave a short petition for your goal in the Comments box at checkout. Please allow up to a week for official reports and pictures after service completion.


Other Ways to Celebrate Ostara:


Meditate in nature. You can go to a park, a greenhouse, or a room with a great window view of your yard. Anywhere you feel you can connect to nature.


Connect to your surroundings, think about the meaning of Ostara or the Equinox. You can feel the fresh new power in the air. This can be done on an outdoor walk, sitting in the grass, or wherever you feel comfortable.


Take this time to feel the renewal of your energy. Do whatever you want to that will refresh your will, energy, and peace of mind. New beginnings are coming. Be thankful for the second chances and opportunities that will come to you in the Spring.

Ostara Moon Magick Ritual Service -March 20- Abundance, Love, Fertility, Faerie

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