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Polyamorous Males Ritual Candle- Multiply Passion and Strengthen the Bonds

The Conjured Saint’s Polyamorous candle is here to multiply passion and strengthen the bonds between lovers! Make your polyamorous relationship more intentional and loving with our blessed poly candle, poured in red for love and passion and loaded with a special patchouli, geranium, and tobacco flower oil.


Artfully crafted onto a heart-shaped wax base, our poly candle is designed to manifest everything you need in a safe, secure poly arrangement. Making it work in any relationship takes dedication and commitment and poly relationships incorporate multiple personalities to contend with. This is why holding a special bond is so important. 


The Polyamorous Candle is specifically designed to be incorporated into love work designed for poly arrangements. It harnesses the vibrational power of three by representing three individual wax figures. Each member of the relationship must be represented. If your poly relationship includes more than three people, you can carve the names of those in the relationship onto the base of the candle instead of on each figure.


To perform a successful poly love spell, anoint the figure candle with one of our love oils, depending on the intention for the relationship. Carve the names of those involved into either the base of the candle or onto each of the figures. Sprinkle a mixture of rose petals and lavender around the base of the candle– which should be secured on a fireproof surface, such as a glass plate. Write your intentions for the relationship on a separate piece of paper and read them aloud after lighting the candle wicks. You may choose to allow the candle to burn to the wick or relight it for three consecutive days, depending on your needs in the situation. The best day of the week for love work is Friday and the associated moon phases are waxing and full

Polyamorous Males Ritual Candle- Multiply Passion and Strengthen the Bonds