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Powerful Mandrake Root Spell Perfume Oil- Love, Health, Prosperity, Protection

This Highly Super-Charged liquid has been soaking in Powerful Mandrake Roots for a long, long time - to achieve Maximum Power & Strength for ALL PURPOSES.


*Mandrake was the favorite plant of the masses until the late Middle Ages before folk magic was outlawed. It was used for any magics and rituals – for love, lust, fertility, health, prosperity, protection, exorcism, and even to aid in sleep. 


Mandrake Ritual Oil With Root Inside. Also Called: Lady's Seals, St. Mary's Seal, Sigillum Sanctae Mariae, Scene de Solomon. Additional Common Names: Mayapple, Indian Apple Root, Umbrella Leaf, Wild Lemon, Hog Apple, Duck's Foot, Raccoonberry. Scientific Name: Podophyllum Peltatum


Use Mandrake Oil to anoint candles, charms, magical herb sachets, ritual tools, or money in your wallet. It is said Mandrake doubles whatever amount of money it is near. If you or your coven practices channeling or possession, Mandrake Oil is good to have on hand to remove any evil spirits who appear or send a signal to a deity that it is time to leave.


* In biblical scripture, mandrake was referred to as ‘the love plant’ and was thought to have male fertility-enhancing properties. Long used in Wiccan ritual, its roots were thought to emit a fatal, supersonic scream when dug up. Because mandrake actually smells of strong red apple, we gave the fragrance a red fruity heart but grounded it with birch leaf and birch root to suggest the flower's roots dug into the soil. We also gave the fragrance a sharp aromatic note to suggest its infamous, deadly shriek.  Finally, 'Deadly Addiction Accord' lends a creamy, gourmand wood quality to pull it all together.  


1 - Place in Bowl in your home for Protection to bring Prosperity & Happiness. 

2 - Sprinkle wherever evil lurks & demons are present; to keep the devil away.

3 - Said to Attract strong love; use as a PERFUME & APHRODISIAC on your body. 

4 - Sprinkle in Corners of rooms, front & back doors, outside; to cast out evil curses & spells.

5 - Place the dried roots on top of Dollar Bills & your money is said to multiply. Or bury the roots to destroy everything evil. 

6 - As mentioned in the Song of Solomon, Sprinkling near a woman's private parts & is said to help with fertility.  


You will receive 1 bottle. 

Powerful Mandrake Root Spell Perfume Oil- Love, Health, Prosperity, Protection

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