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Purple- Evil Eye Protection Talisman - Victory and Success

Lucky Eye Amulet

Invoke sacred protection to banish the evil eye and curses sent by enemies, jealous people, social media stalkers, hateful entities, and anyone else who would relish in your demise, with our Lucky Eye amulet!


The “Lucky Eye,” or “Evil Eye,” is a traditional Turkish amulet that protects against the “evil eye,” a type of negative force achieved by a hateful or envious gaze (either conscious or unconscious) that is sometimes hidden beneath kind words and fake niceties. Indeed, the Lucky Eye will protect you from your known enemies, as well as the snakes in the grass that you can’t see. Help keep your inner circle tight with this blessed charm.

Throughout history, the eye has been considered a powerful symbol, having the function to protect against malefic forces. This universal tradition took the form of a glass amulet 3,000 years ago in Turkey. Here, a glass art master combines the symbolic power of the eye with the force of the fire, creating a special talisman, called the “Evil Eye”.


The Purple Evil Eye hanging amulet available at The Conjured Saint has been specifically crafted to keep evil intentions away from you while attracting Victory and Success. As you prosper and achieve love & wealth in all forms, those who are jealous of your success and wish ill will on you will have their energy blocked and returned back to them. Clear your space to draw in love, passion, romance, and sexual energy while bringing in luck, and protection. Perfect to protect your home, office, or business.


May this charm bestow blessings on you!

Purple- Evil Eye Protection Talisman - Victory and Success

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