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Purple Skull Candle 5 In. - Power, Success, Compel, Bend Over Work

I HAVE THE BEST skull candles! They give any love workings an extra boost of energy. Skull candles can be used for working on someone's thoughts, creating mental clarity or inspiration or working with spirits or ancestors. Place a small paper with your goal written on it underneath the candle, dress with one of my corresponding oils and burn over 7 days!


5 In. Purple Skull Candle- power, success, compel, Bend over work, wisdom, spiritual power, influence, summoning spirits. knowledge, divination, change luck, meditation, break bad habit, mastery, control, command & ambition.


This is ONE large 5 inch, solid purple candle, loaded with spell booster ingredients!


Thanks for looking!


Key steps guiding candle magic:


- Establish your goal or desired outcome.

- Focus your will on the goal or outcome you desire.

- Light your candle to send your intention out into the Cosmos with the flame of the candle.


Always use a new candle for each ritual or spell. You may choose to inscribe your candle with a person's name, your intention or goal, or a sigil or symbol. Any sacred object may be used to inscribe your candle, most often this is done using one's athame, quill, nail or pin.


Anoint and dress your candle with oils, herbs or herb powders as desired when preparing your candle for ritual. Rub oil on the candle toward you (or up) to draw your desires towards you. Rub oil on the candle away from you (or down) to repel, send away or reverse malicious magic. Dress double action candles beginning from the middle, going up from the center and down from the center. You may seal your candle by kissing it or by verbalizing your intention over it while holding the unlit candle in your hands.


Light your candle with a wooden match or from the flame of a lit helper taper candle. Observe the way your candle flame burns, affects the wick, it smokes and the wax melts for signs that catch your attention.


Let your candle burn itself out for the best results. If you must extinguish your candle, do not blow your candle out, use a candle snuffer instead. NEVER LEAVE BURNING CANDLES UNATTENDED.


--- Color Magic Correspondences:

Black - grounding, wisdom, protection, banishing, deep meditation, uncrossing, reversing, hex breaking, repelling black magic, spell breaking, shapeshifting, summoning spirits

Blue - healing, harmony, peace, dream magic, astral projection, patience, communication, spirituality, kindness

Brown - animal spirit magic, earth magic, material goods, stability, locating lost objects, court cases, mediations

Gold - masculine deity, good fortune, abundance, prosperity, fast luck, justice, business success

Green - prosperity, money, financial success, good job, abundance, growth, luck, weather magic

Orange - creativity, intellectual or legal matters, opportunity, investments

Pink - Relationships, Romance, Love, friendship, femininity, romance, protection of children, compassion

Purple - wisdom, spiritual power, influence, summoning spirits. knowledge, divination, change luck, meditation, break bad habit, mastery, control, command, ambition

Red - sexuality, lust, love, passion, vitality, power, strength, survival, fertility, war, win competition, blood magic

Silver - female deity, psychic awareness, intuition, moon magic, victory, gambling luck

White - all purposes, purity, cleansing, peace, truth, consecration, rain magic, balancing aura

Yellow - happiness, joy, memory, concentration, inspiration, confidence, devotion, cheerfulness


--- Timing Spell Work by Day of the Week:

Sunday - solar rites, men's mysteries, blessing, healing, confidence, success, promotion, career advancement, fame, honor, willpower, goal setting, initiations

Monday - moon magic, lunar alchemy, women's mysteries, dream work, clairvoyance, psychic visions, divination, insight, family relationships, night magic, glamoury, travel, medicine magic

Tuesday - competition, justice, power, courage, victory, warrior arts, sacrifice, oath-taking, blood magic, defense, wards

Wednesday - rune magic, communication, education, mystical insight, discovering truth, wisdom, subterfuge, gambling luck, creativity, artistry, honor ancestors, folk soul rites, conjurations

Thursday - employment, money, wealth, prosperity, fast cash, good luck, sanctification, protection, superior strength, power, overcoming chaos, stilling or creating stormy circumstances, endurance, loyalty

Friday - abundance, prosperity, wealth, weather magic, romance, love, passion, sex magic, fertility, pregnancy, beauty, magical mastery, trance work, wortcraft, working with plant spirits

Saturday - hexing, jinxing, crossing, cursing, causing confusion, binding, poison path magic, setting limits, banishing, smudging, overcoming obstacles, change, intellectual understanding


--- Timing Spell Work by Moon Phase:

Waning Moon - decreasing influences, banishing, releasing, sending away, detaching, exorcising

Full Moon - invocations, casting spells, divination, enlightenment, white magic, draw down light goddess consciousness

Waxing Moon - increasing influences, attracting, gaining, gripping, attaching, infusing, mind-melding

New Moon - personal growth, blessing new endeavors, cleanse, consecrate, new beginnings

Dark Moon - evocations, vision quest, deep meditation, cursing, hexing, causing confusion, black magic, drawdown dark goddess consciousness

Lunar Eclipse - black magic, honor dark goddess, crossroads magic, liminal rites

Purple Skull Candle 5 In. - Power, Success, Compel, Bend Over Work

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