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Pyrite Cluster Skull - Stone for Wealth Activation & Manifestation

Pyrite is a traditional crystal for money and good luck. It is a powerful crystal for manifestation, especially with regard to wealth and prosperity. It is connected with the sun and strengthens your solar chakra.


Work with this Golden Pyrite Manifestation cluster during your personal rituals, ceremonies, and meditations to attract your desires and manifest your intentions. Set it on your altar, desk, or any place in your space to create an environment of attraction. However you choose to work with yours, may it serve you well. And so it is.


Pyrite activates the Solar Plexus Chakra and boosts your confidence, self-worth, and inner strength – all key properties to manifesting. When you create and set intentions from a space of knowing you’re worthy and deserving of something, the Universe responds. If you could use support strengthening how you view yourself so you can start attracting your heart’s desires, pyrite will help with that. It reminds you of your worth and symbolizes action, vitality, and willpower.


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Pyrite Cluster Skull - Stone for Wealth Activation & Manifestation


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