Queen of Pentacles Oil- Manifest Your Desire, Money, Prosperity, and Opportunity

Queen of Pentacles Magick
Magick for the Queen of Pentacles will be heavy and grounded in matters of material issues such as money, prosperity, and opportunity. The magical energy from this Queen will also encompass issues of the physical body, its health and well-being. Her connection is to the element of Earth, and this is where her energy is deeply rooted.


To Manifest Your Desire
We’re talking about a physical manifestation of something that you want, whether it be money, a new house, a better car, or some other physical item you long to have. We’re also talking about manifestation of something you want, but something that is not made of molecules and atoms, whether it be a new job, success with an endeavor, a dream vacation, or something else that is very real, yet not an actual physical object.


Correspondences for Manifestation Spell:
Day: Thursday
Planet: Jupiter
Moon Phase: waxing to full
Colors: Earth/green; Jupiter/purple
Oil: Queen of Pentacles Oil
Herbs: Earth/patchouli (included in the oil);
Jupiter/cloves, sage, star anise
Stones: malachite, mystic topaz, peridot
Incense: patchouli


Other items:
1. an image of your desire,
or a written explanation of your desire
2. a green candle
3. a fireproof container


The Method:
Gather all the necessary items together for this spell, including an image of what you’re going to manifest, or a piece of paper upon which you’ve described exactly what it is you’re going to manifest. It’s recommended that magick be cast within a sacred space, but this is not a written rule. If you’re not comfortable casting a circle, at least sprinkle a little salted water around your work area, or smudge the area with sage or sandalwood incense.


1. Place the fireproof container in the center of your work space or altar.
2. Dress the candle with the Queen of Pentacles oil and place it in the container.
3. Sprinkle the herbs you’ve chosen for this spell around the candle in the container.
4. Place the stones on your altar, also arranging them around the container.
5. Light the candle & your incense.
6. Hold the image or the written spell in your hand; close your eyes and still your mind, ground and center. As you’re holding this object in your hand, envision it in your mind. Envision it in your mind until it is as real as it would be if you were looking at it. Envision it in your mind until it is as real as it would be if you were experiencing it.
7. Open your eyes and immediately touch the paper to the candle flame. Drop it into the fireproof container with the candle and allow everything to burn down.
8. Once everything has cooled, bury the candle wax and ashes from this spell in the earth upon your property.

Queen of Pentacles Oil- Manifest Your Desire, Money, Prosperity, and Opportunity


    The Conjured Saint Ritually-Blessed Oils are crafted to enhance and promote ritual-working, spell-working and personal intent.  These spiritual recipes can be used to anoint the body or tools, burned in an oil burner, or added to ritual baths.

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