Road Opener Manifestation Spray- Removes Obstacles, Draws Opportunity

Road Opener Manifestation Spray- Clear Away Old Conditions That Are Holding You Back, Open The Way To New Opportunities and New Beginnings.


Open doors, draw opportunities and remove obstacles with The Conjured Saint Road Opener Spray. A traditional Hoodoo blend, this spray should be a basic staple in your collection, because of its powerful manifestation qualities. It is a versatile blend that is used to clear challenges from your path, while simultaneously calling positive experiences and situations into your life. If you have a goal to meet, you’re feeling stuck, or you simply seek new adventures, My Road Opener Manifestation Spray can help manifest your desires into reality. It is especially useful to those seeking a new job, new love, or a fresh start.


These limited edition Sprays were exclusively crafted with the help of my dear friend Leslie from Raven's Hearth. Leslie and I.  Carefully blended Full Moon charged spring water, Witch Hazel, essential oils of Lemongrass, Sandalwood, and vetiver.  Citron and Mandarin Oils. with influential crystals, of Tiger's Eye and Amethyst. and the rest will be our secret.


The Conjured Saints Roadopener spray is blessed on a sacred altar and blended when the moon is right. Use it when you need an extra boost in business or employment, to help with legal problems, to clear your mind and rid yourself of confusion, to break through creative blocks in your artistry, or to repel negativity and bad luck.



While performing road opening work, we recommend reciting the following Psalms.


Psalms 16:11

Psalms 23:3

Psalms 25:4

Psalms 25:10

Psalms 119:35

Psalms 119:105



Road Opener Manifestation Spray- Removes Obstacles, Draws Opportunity