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Rose of Jericho Large - Money, Success, Blessings, Wishes Granted

Little miracles in life is watching a Rose of Jericho unfurl under the sun after touching a small bowl of water.

The water that the plants soak in has potent healing properties, breaking all bad spells, and drawing good fortune to where it is poured. One can place coins in the base of the plant to draw prosperity to you. Similarly, some also place coins inside the Center of the rose and then let her dry to enclose the power into the coins. After a few days, the plant is placed in water once more, and the coins retrieved to be spent to draw forth more blessings into your life.


The Rose of Jericho, or Resurrection Plant, dries completely up and curls up in dry times, and “lives” again when in contact with water, hence the name, Resurrection Plant.


This plant contains a very powerful desert spirit. Besides its known properties as prosperity and success bringer, when the Rose is treated with respect and love, the plant will provide greater protection to its owner, absorbing negative energies. In African traditions, prosperity and protection talismans are placed as near to the entry of the house as possible. You can also consecrate crystals, gems, and other magickal tools with the water from the Rose after it has bloomed.


For business, money, protection, healing, wishes, luck, success, and money spells.

Instructions:  Place the Rose in a saucer or bowl filled with water at 9 am on a Tuesday or Friday. The water should only cover the lower root portion of the plant. Leave the Rose in the water and watch it come alive and open into a lovely plant!


Use a crystal or glass bowl. Do not use tap water on plants. Use free-flowing water from a stream or even rainwater


Prayers and rituals with the Rose of Jericho

Many people seek this unique plant because it comes with religious legends, the fact that the Rose of Jericho / Doradilla Flower represents a holy item in many religions and pagan / Wiccan rituals, makes it a very popular gift item. The plant, for its amazing ability to transition from a brown, dry ball, into an open, green, and lush plant, also called resurrection plant is widely used not only as a gift to Catholic followers but also by many others. Here you can find some examples in which way the plants can be used in your prayers and rituals. 



In the delivery room under the bed in which the infant should be conceived, place a glass dish with enough water so that the Rose of Jericho gets its roots wet. At the point when the Rose of Jericho opens, put a couple of scissors on top of the plant and a smaller statue of the infant Jesus, the kind utilized as a part of a Nativity set, or a Madonna with Child, Saint Gerard Majella, or Saint Margaret. This will guarantee a protected delivery for both mother and the child. If it is difficult to place it under the delivery bed, place it on a sacrificial stone or on a table other than the work bed. The appeal is given to the mother and the Rose of Jericho is dried out furthermore given to the mother with the directions to place it in water for a week, each year at the childs birthday. 



Place the Rose of Jericho into a clear glass dish of water, and inside of it place 5 coins. Next to it, light a green or gold flame to pull in wealth and abundance, and appeal to God for five days in a row. An appeal to Our Lady of Charity can likewise be set into the dish and utilized as an appeal to pull in cash. You may also write down a wish for something you’d like to have and place it inside the plant – and when you have received what you prayed for, you may let the rose open again and sacrifice a gift to god on your holy altar place (like good food, high-quality Incense, a precious stone, Palo Santo or a small amount of gold).



On a Tuesday or Friday at around 9:00 in the morning, place the Rose of Jericho in a dish of water with a plain stone or Mano de Azabache on top of the plant. Light a white flame and think and implore before it for 3 back-to-back days. On the third day, take the water and empty it into a sacred ritual bottle with one single drop of holy water. Shower the outside of the house, every entryway, passageway and window of the house, appealing to your soul guide for help. This shall remove any negative vibration, jealousy or envy others may have for you and your belongings. 

A prayer, including the Rose of Jericho: 
“Perfect Rose of Jericho: I ask this through the quality that you secure yourself 
in the adoration for Christ Jesus and his incredible benevolence, Amen”



Enter the Rose of Jericho in a dish with water. Write down your longings and wishes with ink on a piece of paper. If it is a sure occupation or position you wish take the application or employment resume and fold it fifty-fifty with a loadstone in the water with the Rose of Jericho. Do this 3 to 7 days prior to you give the application or employment resume.



“Heavenly Rose of Jericho: By the Blessing that you got from Our Lord Jesus Christ,
by the effortlessness and influence that you have to help me vanquish the troubles of life,
gift me wellbeing, quality, joy, serenity, and peace to profit to cover my needs
and those of my family and my crew.”



Take a gold trim strip and a red lace and tie them together making three bunches at the same time focusing on your longing and say these words. 


“Gracious Divine Rose of Jericho, by the gift, forces, and ideals you got, by our Lord Jesus Christ and the holy trinity, I ask you to help me discover my fortunes and tie it firmly to my life. This I implore. So be it.”


Heavenly Rose of Jericho, for the gift you got, encased with the temperances and forces given to you by our Lord Jesus Christ and his unbounded grace, I implore you to help me stay solid and restore my wellbeing, so that I may manage existence with the quality and influence important to defeat each impediment that introduced itself in my way. So be it.



There are endless ways one can work with Rose of Jericho plants, the character of the plant itself and the Spirit inside of it is dealt with humbleness and respect. If treated like this, it will give you favors and insurance in your life. Additionally, the supplications to God can be altered and changed to suit your motivation. If one uses coins or charms inside of the water of the Rose of Jericho, these could be used as items to fill lucky charms and be given to customers of your business.

Celestial Rose of Jericho: All of this I ask through the influence that you
have in the adoration for Jesus Christ and His incredible leniency. So be it.




May your Rosa De Jericho bring you luck.


You will receive 1 blessed large Rose of Jericho!

Rose of Jericho Large - Money, Success, Blessings, Wishes Granted


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