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Fixed Saint Expedite Candle With Oil- Expedites Results, Solutions

Saint Expedite Candle & Prayer! 


This candle is for financial help, emergencies, spiritual work, blessings and protection.


Here is a prayer for your money emergency. The traditional way to petition Saint Expedite is to take a white and a green candle; carve your name on them lengthwise. Light the candles and continue lighting the candles and praying to him until you receive his answer. Have faith and do not doubt his power or willingness to help you.


I call forth the Power and the presence of St. Expedite in my time of financial trouble. I offer my body, heart, mind and soul upon your altar of light. I have faith and trust and complete confidence that you will be my strength in this time of need. Quickly come to my assistance.


Bring to me:

(Clearly express what you want, and ask him to find a way to get it to you.)

My financial need is urgent. Be my Light and Guide in this situation so that I may live with peace, love, prosperity and abundance and in the Praise of God.


(Now promise to give Saint Expedite a specific offering if your desire is granted.)


This candle stands at 6 inches tall.


Green Candle Magical Properties- Good Luck, Money, Prosperity, Success, Abundance, Health, Fertility, Employment, Earth and Nature Magic, Heart Chakra,,Love, Relationships, Sex, Passion, Lust.


Try this candle with my Saint Ecpedite Oil <3

Thanks for looking!


Saint Expedite Candle- Expedites Results, Solutions, Financial Help

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