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Saint Expedite Ritual Candle & Oil Set- Quick Results, Fast Luck, Blessings

Saint Expedite Ritual Candle & Oil Set-  Saint Expedite is the patron of those who needs their prayers answered quickly, who need to end a delay, or who want financial success. His aid is helpful in emergency situations, including those involving legal or business issues, and for anyone who wants to overcome procrastination as a personal bad habit. This service has been uniquely designed to help you manifest fast resolutions in any area of your life that is lacking.


Saint Expedite is one of my favorite patron saints. He was a Roman soldier in Armenia who, upon receiving a vision, converted to Christianity immediately on the battlefield, after which he was promptly martyred. When he decided to convert, the Devil took the form of a raven and tried to convince him to hold off until the next day. Expedite declared, “I’ll be a Christian today!” and stomped on the raven. His willingness to convert immediately and not put it off earned him the reputation as the patron saint of fast responses. 

Expedite is typically depicted as a young Roman centurion holding aloft a cross marked HODIE ("today" in Latin) and stepping on a crow beneath his right foot. Out of the dying crow's mouth issues a word-ribbon, CRAS ("tomorrow" in Latin). Thus Expedite destroys a vague tomorrow in favor of a definite today. There is a famous statue of him enshrined in Our Lady of Guadalupe chapel on Rampart Street across from Saint Louis Cemetery, where people make offerings and request the saint’s help.


This candle is custom made and loaded with herbs, resins, barks, and flowers blended into a powder ritually combined to potentiate Expedite’s influence. Fiery, quickening spices like chilis, cinnamon, and three types of peppercorns, and coffee beans along with triumphant and luck-enhancing ingredients such as frankincense, golden copal, 24k gold, basil, oregano, bay leaf, red clover and High John the Conqueror root, and sweetening, beneficent additions of vanilla bean, orange peel, and rose petal. And more. These, along with various other sympathetic ingredients were ground and combined with golden magnetic then loaded into the bottom of his candle to Bring luck, speed, and the benefit of Expedite’s blessing.


you will receive ONE ritual candle and his oil.


Thanks for looking.

Saint Expedite Ritual Image Candle & Oil Set- Fast Luck, Put an End to Delays

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