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Saint Jude Oil - Don't Quit, When All Else Fails Call Upon St. Jude
This special oil blend to wear in honor of Saint Jude "Patron of Difficult Cases", Countless miracles have been credited to him. Use this spiritual oil for severe cases when all else has failed.


Saint Jude is an official Catholic saint, the patron saint of lost causes. St. Jude is traditionally the saint to turn to when all other options have failed and where one is desperate and in need of a miracle.


In life, St. Jude was a relative of Jesus and was a member of the twelve apostles. Not many details are know of the life of St. Jude, only that he travelled extensively in the Middle East. St. Jude was the one who asked Jesus in John 14:22 why he didn't reveal himself to the world after resurrection. St. Jude played a major role in bringing Christianity to Armenia and was martyred in in Persia in 65 A.D.

In Iconography St. Jude is portrayed dressed in white and wearing a beautiful green robe. Above his head is the flame of the Holy Spirit. Around his neck he wears the holy image of Jesus that brings great miracles in healing. St. Jude is also portrayed with either a club, an axe, or arrows, as these were the alleged implements used to take his life. St. Jude may also be pictured with a palm frond which signifies his martyrdom. 

In Hoodoo and folk magic, St. Jude is invoked for help in desperate situations and miracle healings. Remember that in Hoodoo and folk magic the saints are who they are, meaning that unlike with various African Traditional Religion such as Voodou and Santeria, the saints in Hoodoo and folk magic are not masks for an African deity or spirit. Instead, the saints are blessed souls of the dead who have agreed to intercede on behalf of the living. 

Tips For Working With St. Jude

1.) St. Jude is NOT Judas Iscariot. St. Jude suffers greatly from people confusing him with the betrayer of Christ. Because so many people false confuse him for Judas Iscariot it's important to make one's vow to place a newspaper advertisement thanking St. Jude for his aid, so as to spread his fame and counter the negativity.
2.) St. Jude's colors are green, white, and red.
3.) St. Jude's numbers when offering him small items are one or three.
4.) St. Jude's day of the week is Sunday.
5.) St. Jude's feast day is October 28.
6.) St. Jude is a "cool spirit", meaning he is loving and kind and is slow to anger. St. Jude is very forgiving and will generally tolerate delays in fulfilling one's vow or promise to him, though one shouldn't invoke his aid in any further matters until one fulfills one's prior vow first. 
7.) When St. Jude works he tends to either work immediately or he takes his time and may not work until almost the last minute. I've literally had times where St. Jude worked for me on day two of the novena. 
8.) St. Jude is somewhat dim-witted because he had his head bashed in with a club or axe. As such, and similar to St. Expedite, one will need to be very specific when petitioning him. Make sure to properly and specifically word the petition or else St. Jude may become confused.
9.) St. Jude cannot be used in black magic and he is too loving and kind to destroy one's enemies. He can be used to call upon protection against one's enemies. When doing such St. Jude, in my experience, seems to act to confuse their minds, make them "dopey", make them act "goofy" where they can't think straight. St. Jude will not do any bodily harm to people.
10.) St. Jude's favorite offerings are water, candles, incense, coins, and flowers. In my experience he rarely if ever takes food or other types of drink.
11.) To petition St. Jude one will need an image of him, either a statue or a picture of him. If one is using a novena candle then this is not necessary. One will need a green or white candle, again if one is using a novena then an additional candle is not necessary. One will need St. Jude, Holy Oil, or Olive Oil, St. Jude or Frankincense Incense, a glass of water and a coin, preferably a shiny new penny. Cleanse the workspace with Florida Water, rubbing alcohol, or whisky, prior to setting up the space. Fix the candle and set it down. Light it and the incense. Place a glass of water for the saint down and then place the coin in front of the candle. One will then either pray from the heart or pray a standard pray such as the one below:


Holy St Jude,
Hear my plea!
Rescue me from this calamity,
Save me from peril,
Snatch me from the mouth of the lions, St Jude.
In this my darkest hour,
Shine God's holy light of miracles into my life.
Carry my prayer to the throne of heaven with all speed, holy Saint.
Deliver me from mine enemies and spare me from this evil fate, I pray.
For this I promise a gift in your name to the Lord's poor.

Saint Jude Oil - Don't Quit, When All Else Fails Call Upon St. Jude


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