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Saint Patrick Oil- Blessings, Strength, Healing, Ancestors, Wisdom

Commemorating him on his feast day today, I wanted to share a little bit of information about Saint Patrick!


The patron saint of the Irish and also a protector from snakes, and demons, Saint Patrick is petitioned for hex breaking, protection of home and family, and for the granting of wishes.


He is also said to favorably assist with seizures, childbirth, and travel. One tradition states that he also can help those who have a significant message to be delivered ensure that their words are received. He is invoked by protesters and revolutionaries in this aspect.


Traditionally he has approached through a nine-day novena using a green candle with his image on it and appropriate offerings. Each day this following prayer is said to him followed by the petitioner's request. 


"Christ with me, 
Christ before me, 
Christ behind me, Christ within me, 
Christ beneath me, 
Christ above me, 
Christ by my right, 
Christ by my left, 
Christ in the heart of my friends, 
Christ in the mouth of my enemies,
Christ in every eye that sees me, 
Christ in every ear that hears me." - Auther Unknown


Although an inspiring and amazing historical figure in his own right he is also associated with Lwa Damballah. Offerings to Damballah for matters that he governs can also be made to Saint Patrick.


His oil is created from shamrocks, snakeskin, myrrh, and fine essential oils.

Saint Patrick Oil- Blessings, Strength, Healing, Ancestors, Wisdom


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