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Saint Valentine Oil- Marriage, Relationships, Love, Romance & Sex

Introducing The Conjured Saint’s St. Valentine Oil – a divine elixir crafted with reverence and purpose. Imbued with the sacred energy of a first-class relic of St. Valentine, this oil is a testament to love, romance, marriage, relationships, fertility, sex, and abundance.


🌹 Enchant and mesmerize as you become a magnet for love and passion with our signature blend. Crafted with rose and ylang-ylang essential oils, it enhances both inner and outer beauty, celebrating the essence of St. Valentine's spirit.


🕯️ Immerse yourself in the traditions of love, as prayers of intercession and healing accompany the relic's presence in our base oil. Remember, it is not the oil itself that cures, but the divine power that responds to the prayers of the faithful.


🌟 Whether you seek to attract romance, celebrate your marriage, energize your sex life, enhance fertility, or strengthen your positive qualities for prosperity, St. Valentine Oil is your key to unlocking the blessings of love.


📜 St. Valentine, a young priest who defied Emperor Claudius II's edict against soldiers marrying, became the patron saint of lovers. This oil pays homage to his legacy, with each bottle carrying the essence of love that transcends time.


💑 Embrace the rich history intertwined with love, from the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia to medieval traditions of choosing Valentines by lottery. Let the magic of February 14th, the day birds choose their mates, infuse your life with lasting love and bliss.


Ignite the flame of passion and abundance with The Conjured Saint’s St. Valentine Oil – where divine energy meets the essence of love. 💖🕊️


Valentine’s Day Spells


Reveal Your Future Spouse: This seed ritual is found throughout Europe and Scandinavia and maybe one of the oldest love rituals in existence. Any type of seed may be used, such as sunflower or mixed birdseed. The birds will carry the seeds away, dropping some which will flower. I have a splendid sunflower crop in my garden as a result of a friend doing this spell. Traditionally the spell-caster ran around a churchyard, but you can use a garden or any open space. Grass seed is excellent if your lawn is a bit bald after the winter.


You will need:


A container of seeds


Midnight on St Valentine’s Eve (February 13–14)—Please modify the time if safety is an issue.


1. Go into a churchyard (or your garden or any area of open land). Throw the seed over your shoulder, as you do so saying:

I scatter seed in love; 
This seed in love I sow
He that is my true love, 
Come after me and 
Stay as it grows
Like my love for you


2. Look over your right shoulder and you will see a vision in your mind’s eye of the future, with your love walking across the land where the flowers or grass have grown from your seeds. You may recognize him or her. If not, close your eyes and let a name come into your head spontaneously. It may be someone you know.

3. Go home and go to bed. You will hopefully dream of yourself and your love together in the summer and be drawn together in love in the months before the summer comes.


Attract a Lover: This is a European charm based on the coming of the first spring flowers, a time when fertility rites were traditionally performed to celebrate the awakening of the earth, even if snow is still on the ground. The yellow crocus is the flower of St Valentine. By Christian times wearing a crocus on Valentine’s Day had become a romantic gesture. If you are not yet settled in love or are having relationship problems, try this spell.


You will need:


A yellow crocus or a yellow early spring flower such as a daffodil or a yellow rose (adapt this flower to whatever yellow flower blooms naturally at this time of year where you live or you can buy at a local flower shop or supermarket on 13th).


Valentine’s Day (February 14), as soon as you go outdoors.

The spell


1. Before you go outdoors for the first time on St Valentine’s Day, fasten the yellow crocus or yellow flower in your buttonhole or in your hair, as you do so, saying three times:

St Valentine, the lover’s friend, 
I ask this flower my love to send.


Before the end of the day, it is said you will have met or heard from someone who could make you happy (or a person through whom you will meet new love).In reality it make take longer especially if you have been hurt in love before, but the spell opens up your own love energies and sets up telepathic signals to bring you lasting happiness. It can also renew love of you have quarreled or even bring back an old lover.

Saint Valentine Oil- Marriage, Relationships, Love, Romance & Sex


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