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San Simon/Saint Maximon Statue Altar Set-Wealth, Protection

Folk saint venerated in various forms by mayan people of western Guatemala. San Simon is referred to as “ Champion of the hopeless” by some folks because of his ability and willingness to work with just about anyone for just about anything. He is able to grant wishes of any kind, if you offer him the right gifts. San Simon is believed to be a catholicized form of pre-columbian Mayan god Man ( meaning ancient one.) 


San Simon can be petitioned for many things. He is also a healer, and he is wonderful with uncrossing and jinx removing work. In the years I have been working with him I have found that you can petition him for anything you need. It doesn’t t matter if it is revenge, love, money, jinx removing, anything you are in need of he will help you. The one thing that you have to do for him is give him his offerings.

Some folks hold their offerings from their saints until they see results; you can’t do this with San Simon. If you do your petition want be answered. You pay him when you petition him for his help. One of his offerings is cigarettes, so he might not be a saint a non smoker would want to work
with. He actually smokes the cigarette. The cigarette is one of his main offerings and he loves them.

I give him whiskey with dried red peppers in it, cigarettes and a tortilla. I refresh his head once a month by bathing him in cool water then I pour Hoyts cologne, Florida water or whiskey on his head. This is just an extra offering to him for all of his help. San Simon is wonderful to work with and I hope some of you will decide to petition him and see for yourselves how great he is.


Oh powerful San Sim³n, help me with all of my actions and with any dangers that may arise that I may need assistance. If I need help in matters of love, you will draw the one I love closer to me, if it be business, that I will be successful, if it be enemies, that you will help me to overcome them, and to keep hidden troubles away from me. I offer you your cigar, your tortilla, your liquor, and your candles if in return you will keep me safe from any danger I may come across. (State your petition). Amen

San Simon/Saint Maximon Statue Altar Set-Wealth, Protection

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