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Santa Muerte STATUE (Large) -MULTI COLOR- Healing, Victory, Protection & Wisdom

Santa Muerte is a sacred figure in Mexico, believed to be a mix of Mesoamerican and Catholic beliefs. Her name literally translates to "Holy Death" or "Saint Death." Mexican culture since the pre-Columbian era has maintained a certain reverence towards death, which can be seen in the widespread Mexican celebration of the Dia de los Muertos-Day of the Dead. 

Her devotees are faithful and unlike any other sect I have met. Santa Muerte can grant miracles, solve impossible problems, keep husbands faithful, and bring you luck and good fortune.She is also an AMAZING healer.


For many followers of our Holy Saint Death Santa Muerte, colors play an important role in working with Santa Muerte magick. This is why it is common to see Santa Muerte statues and other images featuring cloaks of different colors - even cloaks of multiple colors. In Santa Muerte magick, each cloak corresponds to a different type of energy, and working with the appropriate colored Santa Muerte is believed to make your magick and your petitions more powerful. In Santa Muerte magick, the following colors correspond to the following energies:


Black: The most potent energy to work with, the black Santa Muerte is often called on to send curses, break curses, and protect against curses. She is known to protect against personal physical, psychic, and magickal attacks. When followers believe they are being attacked by black magick, it is to the black Santa Muerte that they pray for assistance.

Red: The Santa Muerte of love, passion, sex, and attraction. Lovers may pray to the red Santa Muerte, or construct a red Santa Muerte amulet, for a long lasting and healthy relationship. Single people may pray to the red Santa Muerte for a spouse (or a lover) while people already married may pray for the fidelity of their partner.

Pink: Having dominion over what one sees in the mirror, this aspect of the Santa Muerte may be petitioned for matters relating to beauty and love of self. A blend of red and white, the pink cloaked Santa Muerte brings together the loving energy of the color red with the soft, cleansing tranquility the color white.

Gold: If it's money and material success a follower wants, it's the gold Santa Muerte they turn to. Work with the gold Santa Muerte to attract money, business success, material wealth, and prosperity. Common to see the gold Santa Muerte in markets and places of business.

Silver / Copper: for the kind of success hoped for by gamblers, card players, and door to door salesmen. This is the aspect of Saint Death who you pray to when you need a stroke of luck.

Green: The green aspect of the Santa Muerte is typically associated with justice and the legal profession, but it is also associated with fertility. The green Santa Muerte is a patron saint of attorneys and judges, but she is also who followers call upon when they need help in legal matters that may take them to court, when they need help to avoid court / attention from law enforcement, or when they require justice but don't have the means to go to court or to pay for representation. Green is the color of land, which itself represents legal jurisdictions, "the law of the land", and personal property (which is at the middle of many lawsuits). As a fertility symbol, the green Santa Muerte can be petitioned when you need something to grow and flourish, and if you're trying to have a baby. It's common to see this color venerated in the United States as the Santa Muerte of money - but Santa Muerte is from Mexico - where money isn't green.

Blue: Wisdom is the energy most associated with the blue Santa Muerte. She is frequently revered by students, educators, researchers, librarians, academics, and philosophers. Work with the blue Santa Muerte for comprehension and understanding.

Purple: The color purple in Santa Muerte magick is associated with the psychic and spiritual realms. Work with the purple aspect of the Santa Muerte when you want to divine the future, for increasing psychic abilities, for prophetic dreams, and other forms of dream work, and for finding spiritual peace and harmony.

Yellow: The realm of health and healing is the energy associated with yellow Santa Muerte. A symbol of both physical and mental health, she is the patron saint of both healers and the sick, medical staff and their patients. Transparent amber is often considered the color of addiction and rehabilitation. Also like Gold it's money and material success a follower wants, it's the gold Santa Muerte they turn to. Work with the gold Santa Muerte to attract money, business success, material wealth, and prosperity. Common to see the gold Santa Muerte in markets and places of business.

Brown: The color of dirt, which fittingly represents the grave, brown is the aspect of Santa Muerte dealing in matters of the realm of the dead, necromancy, and spirits. She is who you should invoke and work with when attempting to communicate with or petition the dead. Remember to always go through the Santa Muerte before working with the dead, and to use divination to determine whether or not you have permission to proceed with your magickal work beyond the veil of the living. This is considered advanced work and should not be performed by novices.

Multi-Color: If you do some searching online for images and depictions of the Santa Muerte in various colors, you will no doubt come across rainbow and multi-color Santa Muerte statues. The multi-colored cloak is just a way to receive the positive effects of each color without the need for several statues on a single altar. When you don't have the space or the funds for several different statues, or when you want to work with the Santa Muerte on different aspects of your life, a multi-colored statue offers a solution.


She reminds us of our mortality and morals, to make wise decisions so we will not suffer in this life. She reminds me that life is fleeting, make the most of it, and help make others lives better while you can. If you are not giving, then you are taking. Santa Muerte may remind you of this if you are "using" her for favors rather than truly following her, by taking things away from you in your life. She may also ignore your requests if she sees that they lead to misfortune in the future. She is to respected and worshipped before she is asked for any help.

Thanks for looking you will receive 1 large Ritual Statue. These statues were prepared in a ritual setting   .Blessed and adorned with amults & load at the bottom of the staue as a offering to her and to activate her spirt. 

Santa Muerte STATUE (Large) -MULTI COLOR- Healing, Victory, Protection & Wisdom

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