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Seven Knob Candle - RED-  Come to Me, Love Me, Attraction or Bewitching

Access the power of seven! Seven Knob Candles are burned over the course of seven days to bring in seven wishes or intentions or give seven times the power to a single intention. Choose a color that aligns with your intent: green for abundant prosperity, red for passionate love, pink for romantic love, black for banishing and protection, blue for reconciliation or healing, white for all-purpose positivity and blessing, orange for opening up roads, yellow for success and positive recognition, purple for power and mastery.


Suggestions on how to use these candles:


With a nail, knife, or another implement, inscribe your seven different wishes related to your intention (for example, seven aspects of the love that you are inviting in or seven things that you are going to do with your money); or inscribe the same wish seven times to give it seven times the power.


Dress the candle with the appropriate spiritual oil, dust it with the appropriate herbs, and then burn it over seven consecutive days, each burning one knob. When each knob completes, snuff out the candle (don't blow it out) and then begin the next day again. After seven days, you have given your intention a super dose of amazing magical power.


Dress a green candle with Prosperity, Money Draw, Attraction, or Fast Luck oil

Dress a red candle with Come to Me, Love Me, Attraction or Bewitching oil

Dress a black candle with Banishing, Protection, Fiery Wall of Protection, or Cut and Clear oil

Dress a white candle with Blessing oil

Dress a blue candle with Tranquility, Healing or Reconciliation oil

Dress a pink candle with Chuparrosa, Dixie Love or Attraction oil

Dress a yellow candle with the Crown of Success Oil.

Dress a purple candle with Power Oil.

Dress a pink candle with Chuparrosa Oil.


This listing is for ONE red seven-knob candle.

Seven Knob Candle - RED- Come to Me, Love Me, Attraction or Bewitching


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