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Simple Love Petition Service- New Love, Love, Return Love, Self Love

Simple Love Petition Service


Ignite passion, draw a lover to you, strengthen your relationship, or increase your appeal with The Conjured Saint Love Petition Service. This ritual is performed on Friday, the day of the week ruled by the planet Venus and ideal for setting intentions around love, desire, sex, passion, reconciliation, and friendship. A blessed candle is dressed in the oil of your intent and offered with a ritual prayer to attract love energy into your life and fulfill your desires. The Love Petition Service is a solitary service, meaning your petition will receive individualized attention, and the ritual will be customized to your specific goals.


To participate, The Conjured Saint needs to receive your information, including a petition, in the message section of your order. Please include your name, the name of your lover (if a specific lover is included in your petition), your birthdate, the birthdate of your lover (if pertinent), and a statement outlining your intentions.


Please Note: The Conjured Saint performs services based on the order they are received. Each service is conducted with careful thought, planning, and mood-setting according to the appropriate dates, offerings, and sacred oils, to maximize results. Your patience is appreciated. Once your ritual is complete, you will receive 2-3 pictures and a description of your service in your e-mail. This service doesn't come with a wax reading. 



Information Needed 


1. Full name (first, middle and last - include maiden name if married) and the name of a lover if pertinent to your petition.

2. Date of Birth / date of Lovers Birth if pertinent

3. Statement of love petition, for example: "I am requesting to draw new love into my life, or a retuen of a past love." Please leave this as one sentence.

4. The above information should be placed in the "message" area when checking out, do not email it, do not message it, it must be in this area during checkout.

5. This ritual will be performed on a Friday, you will be informed which day your scheduled petition will take place. Please allow up to 7 business days after service is performed to receive a picture and report on the burn.


After you order, please email me all your info at

Simple Love Petition Service- New Love, Love, Return Love, Self Love


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