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Simple Magic- Goddess Alignment, Simplicity, Fate and Destiny, Love

Simple Magic- Goddess Alignment, Simplicity, Fate and Destiny, Heart Strengthening, Love


The Conjured Saint’s new Simple Magic alchemy-blended perfume oil has been designed to activate your destiny! Made with black amber plum and wild garden tulips, we hand-crafted this divine-smelling oil to manifest beauty, desire, gratitude, grounding, healing, and sacred “goddess alignment.” You are in goddess alignment when you live according to your true soul-self. Simplicity and zen are achieved in this state, and our Simple Magic Oil can help you get there!


Simple Magic will encourage you to tap into your instincts and intuition, putting you in the right place at the right time for fate to take its course. It helps to open the third eye chakra, so you let go of coincidences and disappointments and embrace that things are happening as they should, according to your soul path.


Because of the wide variety of tulip colors that are available to use, there a number of different magical aspects that can be incorporated.  We used specific strains to create pure flower sorcery. Queen of the Night, Princess Irene, Leen Van Der Mark, and Pim Foruyn Triumph tulips were blended into one potent mixture, before steeping in essential oil.


Queen of the Night is a deep purple, so dark that it’s often mistaken for black. It is traditionally used during full moon rituals, for workings related to power and ambition, or for banishing spells.

Princess Irene appears primarily in shades of orange and red. The red flowers are used for workings related to love magic. Orange is associated with attraction and encouragement. Leen Van Der Mark is available in yellows and reds and are planted for protection. Pim Fortuyn Triumph is a white tulip that comes in handy for any sort of rituals having to do with purity or cleansing. Together, this blend makes a powerful potion perfect for attracting what serves your true nature and highest good.



The Conjured Saint Simple Magic comes in a 1/6 ounce perfume roller bottle.


Simple Magic Ritual Application Spell


While applying our perfume oils, we recommend using a circular motion to stimulate the pressure points of the body for stronger fragrances and to represent the ever-flowing energy of the Universe. Apply to the nape of the neck, the wrists, and behind the ears, while repeating the following mantra, “I trust my intuition. I trust my spiritual journey. I am on the path to alignment.”

Simple Magic- Goddess Alignment, Simplicity, Fate and Destiny, Love


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