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Simple Prosperity Petition Candle Service- Money, Generate & Maintain Wealth

Simple Prosperity Petition Candle Service

( mini-prosperity spell )


Attract money, generate and maintain wealth, and attract business dealings with The Conjured Saint Prosperity Candle Service. This service is designed to help you draw abundance into your life and keep it there. It is performed on Thursdays, the most powerful day of the week to conduct rituals for material success, money, business, expansion, growth, self-improvement, and new pursuits, and the appropriate blessings, candles, minerals, and oils are used to maximize the power of your intentions.


The Prosperity Candle Service is a solitary service and focuses solely on your petition. Each ritual is customized to your petition with a candle that is blessed, anointed with oils, and adorned with offerings according to your goals and the pursuit of prosperity. To participate, The Conjured Saint must receive a full petition, including your full name, birthdate, and a petition statement about what you are seeking. Your petition statement can be a simple “I seek” statement or a few detailed sentences about your intentions. Because the Prosperity Candle Service is conducted on Thursday and all Conjured Saint services are first come, first serve, your petition will be honored in the order it is received and your patience is appreciated. After your service is complete, you will receive a picture and description to your e-mail.



To take part in this ritual service I will need the following:

1. Full name (first, middle and last - include maiden name if married)

2. Date of Birth

3. Statement of abundance petition,  (Details Above) Please leave this as one sentence.

4. The above information should be placed in the "message" area when checking out, do not email it, do not message it, it must be in this area during checkout.

5. This ritual will be performed on a Thursday, you will be informed which day your scheduled petition will take place. Please allow up to 7-10 business days after service is performed to receive a picture and report on the burn.

Simple Prosperity Petition Candle Service- Money, Generate & Maintain Wealth


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