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Sleeping Beauty Oil- Free Your Mind, From Stress and Racing Thoughts, Deep Sleep

Sleeping Beauty Oil


Relax, center yourself, and sleep easy with The Conjured Saint’s Sleeping Beauty Oil. Blended with essential oils, lavender, crystals, and herbs, this oil is designed to free you of anxiety, racing thoughts, negativity, and stress, so you enjoy restful, deep sleep. 


Sleeping Beauty Oil is carefully crafted to generate a sense of peace and calm for those who suffer from insomnia. It is also ideal for anyone experiencing high levels of stress; however, you may choose to incorporate this oil into your bedtime routine even if you sleep well, because its fragrant aroma and calming properties make for a beautiful nightly ritual.


Open the bottle and inhale deeply over the top to breathe in the relaxing aroma. Apply it to the pressure or pulse points, such as the wrists and temples, before bed. Use it to anoint black candles in the home to banish bad energy and on white candles to encourage peace and calm in your sacred space and create a relaxing atmosphere.  Sleeping Beauty Oil may be used however you choose, except ingested.  


Better Sleep Ritual

Indulge yourself in a complete relaxation ritual with a spiritual bath. To charge your bath with relaxing energy, add a few drops of Sleeping Beauty Oil. You may also infuse your bath with dried lavender, flowers or herbs of your choosing, and Epsom salt.


Turn the lights down low and burn a few of your favorite candles. While in the bath, close your eyes and imagine your safe place. This could be one of your favorite memories or a place you’ve completely made up in your mind. 


Focus on your breathing and soak for at least twenty minutes. When you’re done in the bath, lather yourself in a hydrating body cream or lotion, apply Sleeping Beauty Oil to your pulse points, put on your most comfortable house coat or pajamas, and enjoy a hot cup of decaffeinated tea.


Air Freshener: In a 4oz spray bottle add 10 to 20 drops of oil to water and spray to freshen up a room.


master crafted from Coconut & Chamomile Oils and the rest will remain a secret!


Sleep Tight<3

Sleeping Beauty Oil- Free Your Mind, From Stress and Racing Thoughts, Deep Sleep


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