Spell Sweetener Oil – Command Respect, Love, Compassion, & Sweet Abundance

Spell Sweetener Oil  – Command Respect, Love, Compassion, and Sweet Abundance 


Amp up the power of any love, luck, or prosperity spell with our Spell Sweetener oil, a deluxe blend created for use with honey jars, attraction spells, follow me workings, or any ritual involving luck, love, or money.


Made with rich, premium herbs, resins, botanicals, and essential oils, Spell Sweeter is a Biblical oil created under the influence of Spirit and Holy Scripture, with the utmost reverence for the Word of God in mind. As such, it is one of my strongest drawing oils. 


A secret family recipe, this oil contains licorice root, damiana, lemon zest, lodestone, mint, carnation, rose, and more. It is perfect for sweetening the disposition of someone to you or making them more compassionate to you, getting into their good graces, impressing them, or turning an enemy into a friend. It is also the best oil to use if you want to draw happiness and sweet blessings into your life.


“How sweet are thy words unto my taste! Yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Psalm 119:103, KJV


Use Spell Sweeter as a perfume (test on a small patch of skin for allergies first), on pink candles representing your intended target, in a ritual bath, or dab it onto important documents, such as a marriage certificate or bank statement. Watch in wonder as the Lord’s sweet blessings begin to pour into your life!


The Word of God is self-described as being LIKE milk, LIKE meat, and LIKE water. But if we are to be technically correct, the Word does not say it is like honey; rather, it contrasts itself with honey in that, as sweet as honey is to the natural palate, the Word of God is sweeter to the spiritual palate. This thought is mentioned in each of the two psalms (19, 119) that stand out as special paeans to the Word of God. “How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” (119:103); “the judgments of the Lord are . . . sweeter also than hone