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Spiritual Barrier Oil-  House Shielding _Protecting You and/or Your Home.



When it comes to protecting your sacred space from the most malevolent of energies, you need the power of God behind you. The Conjured Saint’s clients come from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds-- all of which have their own protective rituals. As a practitioner with a Catholic background, we would like to share one of our tried and true methods for ridding the home of evil forces and negative influences sent to destroy your peace.


Enter Spiritual Barrier Oil, finely crafted on our sacred altar and mixed in small batches for potency. This oil packs a powerful punch at protecting you and/or your home. For the best results, we recommend purchasing five sets of rosary beads and having them blessed by a priest. Bury four of the rosary beads at the four corners of your home and keep one inside in the middle of the house. After you have placed the rosary beads in their proper spots, use our Spiritual Barrier Oil on a white candle. Anoint the candle from the base up and place it on a fireproof surface. Light daily to call upon angelic protection and healing.


About my oils:


The Conjured Saint ritual intention oils are made for versatile use and their energy adapts to your personal energy, making each oil a unique experience for every client!


You may use them in spellwork or prayer work to strengthen your connection to Spirit and the Universe, or add them to an oil burner, diffuser, or wax lamp to enjoy their fragrance and good vibes. Scented oils are an excellent addition to meditating and also cleansing the energy of your home after a good cleaning!


Many of the formulas that I use are traditional Hoodoo recipes. Some are proprietary to my family. All are hand-created and blended with organic essential oils, herbs, crystals, botanicals, and prayer to super-charge their strength and bring you the ultimate spiritual product.


I have collected hundreds of oil recipes from various sources over the years and have adapted them to my own liking through years of use and fine-tuning. Many of the ritual herbs and botanicals used in the oils are harvested from my sacred garden. Hard-to-find ingredients are sourced from other spiritual practitioners across the globe, resulting in authentic blends.


Please remember that none of my oils are made to be ingested. If you plan to use an oil in the bath or on your skin, it is a good idea to test a small area on your hand first. Each oil is bottled to last and stay fresh and is blessed on my sacred altar before finding its new home with you.

Spiritual Barrier Oil- House Shielding _Protecting You and/or Your Home.


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