St. Cajetan Holy Day Vigil Service -AUG 7th- Employment, Income, Aid

St. Cajetan: Blessed Opportunities for Employment, Success, and Income -- August 7th


At least 26 million people have filed for unemployment since the pandemic began. Economists say the U.S. now has levels of unemployment close to those of the Great Depression. Many members of The Conjured Saint community are likely affected. As such, we are holding a special vigil to St. Cajetan on August 7th to ask for job opportunities, fast cash, employment, career advances, and success for our client family!


St. Cajetan, the patron saint for the unemployed, was a Catholic priest who tried to reform the Church from the inside out. He was the son of a nobleman, worked for a pope, was a conduit of miraculous healings, founded a bank, and founded an order known as Theatines Clerks Regular, whose mission was to care for the sick and the poor. This saint even used his family fortune to build hospitals for the poor and open pawn shops and credit unions to provide loans for those facing financial struggles.


On August 7th, The Conjured Saint will hold a candlelight vigil to St. Cajetan that will include offerings and prayers. Those who would like to participate are invited to select this service and leave a short petition about your goals in the Notes section upon checkout. Your petition will be honored on my sacred altar during the service. 


To invoke the blessing of St. Cajetan, repeat the following prayer at any time:


St. Cajetan, you lovingly provided financial assistance to the unemployed and often went without in order to bless the families of the unemployed with the basic necessities of life.

Pray dear saint for all those who are currently unemployed and seeking employment, especially (name person).


Intercede for them now before the Lord and beg Him to not only provide for their immediate needs but to lead them to gainful employment so that they can be financially secure.


Inspired by your example, may we be kind, generous, and helpful in every way to those we know who are seeking employment.


Thank you St. Cajetan for your example and your unceasing prayers.



The Service will be held on my Instagram page @Theconjuredsaint




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St. Cajetan Holy Day Vigil Service -AUG 7th- Employment, Income, Aid


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