St. Cajetan Oil- Patron Saint of Good Fortune, The Unemployed & Gamblers

St. Cajetan Ritual Oil-  Steeped For A Full Alchemy Month- Patron Saint of Good Fortune The Unemployed & Gamblers. Quick Italian Money Saint<3


St. Cajetan (known as St. Cayetano in Spanish-speaking countries) is the Patron Saint of Gamblers. Cajetan, born in 1480, was a lawyer and the son of a wealthy family. Driven by a desire to reform the Church, he traveled to Rome, became a priest, and founded a religious order. He used his family fortune to create hospitals that served both the physical and moral needs of the poor. He also established pawn shops and credit unions to provide loans to the poor.


Cajetan's connection to gambling is obscure. Popular lore says the people would ask him for a favor, and bet him a rosary that he couldn't come through. Since he always came through, he was able to get people to pray more. Based on what I know of saints, this feels like a pious retrofitting of a reason to patronage, and it just doesn't sound likely. 


It's more probable that his loans helped people get out from under the predatory interest rates of loan sharks, and many of these loans were the result of gambling debts. Then, as now, a compulsive gambler could destroy his family, so it seems more likely that Cajetan probably helped problem gamblers get back on the right path both financially and morally


How to use: generously roll onto your wrists, neck, and pulse points. Your body heat will help diffuse the fragrance as the day goes on. Wear alone or layer with another cologne or your favorite bath and body products.


Master crafted from clementine leaves, orange blossom, neroli, fig, jasmine, tuberose, and water lily essential oils.


Prayer to Saint Cajetan


"Peace, Bread and Work"


Glorious Saint Cajetan,

acclaimed by all people to be

the Divine Father of Providence,

because you provide miraculous aid

to all in need,

I stand here before you today,

asking that you present to the Lord,

our God the requests that I confidently

deposit in your hands.


May these graces that I now request,

help me to always seek the Kingdom of God

and His Righteousness, knowing that God

"who dresses with beauty the flowers of the

field and abundantly feeds the birds of the sky"

will provide the temporal and financial needs,

which is best for me.


(Here make your request)


Glorious Saint Cajetan,

Saint of Divine Providence,

intercede for us so that in our homes, 

we may have peace, and never lack

bread or work. Amen


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St. Cajetan Oil- Patron Saint of Good Fortune, The Unemployed & Gamblers


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