St. Germain Oil, spiritual oil, hoodoo oil, magic spell oil

Full Moon and Sun Empowered Oil, seven days and nights, Charged to Angelic Reiki Healing vibrations. Infused with Amethyst Quartz & Along with Flower Essences of Violet!


This oil will help you connect to St. Germain Increases your spiritual power to release, transmute and clear away old karma. Protection, Healing, and Abundance!


St. Germain is a highly mystical and mysterious man. He is the ruler of the Age of Aquarius which is the astrological phase we are now living in. This is a time where all of the groundwork has been laid, and we can now live out our highest vibrations! The New Earth is upon us, and St. Germain has been working his magic from behind the scenes to help nudge us through this Golden Age. Nicknamed “The Wonderman,” he is now the ascended master of the seventh ray, which is the violet ray of freedom. He is the quintessential freedom fighter, sometimes called the “God of Freedom.” St. Germain’s associated color is violet, and his jewel is that of the shiny, alluring, purple amethyst.


This master lived out many fascinating incarnations upon our planet. Always in pursuit of higher levels of mastery, St. Germain was continually seeking and serving to bridge the gap between God and man. Some of his notable past lives include Saint Joseph- the biological father of Jesus Christ; Merlin- the magician and wizard to King Arthur; Plato- the great philosopher; Christopher Columbus- the discoverer of the New World; and Leonardo Da Vinci- the great renaissance man. During his final lifetime as Sir Francis Bacon, it was said that this man could do it all. He also never aged. Legend has it that he lived for 300+ years, never looking a day over 50. He was a magician, a musician, an artist, a violinist, and a painter. He was a seer who did readings for the rich and famous, and he possessed excellent skills in both alchemy and chemistry. Sir Francis Bacon had great wealth and was one of the most mysterious men on the European continent. Upon his ascension, he chose his ascended master name to be St. Germain, meaning “Holy Brother.”


We can see why the name is so befitting. There is a theme of expansion, growth, pushing boundaries, and higher evolution for humanity that runs strongly throughout each of St. Germain’s incarnations. By the same token, here on Earth today, many of you may be noticing just how rapidly our consciousness is expanding as more and more people open their eyes to all sorts of mysteries and new ideas. We are living in a very sacred and special window of opportunity. It only fits that we pay tribute and connect with St. Germain, the forefather of this movement, during our own magical time here.


  • Call Upon St. Germain When:



• You are feeling ‘old’ and lackluster, or in need of some rejuvenation. (St. Germain offers up a Fountain of Youth that you can drink from any time you so desire.)
• You wish to keep your vibration aligned with that of the 5th dimension.
• You enjoy the mystical side of spirituality and want help understanding Ascension, consciousness expansion, and the magic of life.
• During times of alchemy (when you are working on turning the coal of your life into gold).
• You wish to lighten up and want a reminder that spirituality and life are supposed to be fun!
• You need help asserting your freedom in any situation over yourself or another.
• Anytime you are fighting a legal battle of any kind, St. Germain can tip the scales in your favor.
• You need help forgiving yourself, a friend, spouse, or family member.
• You are hosting or attending a sacred ritual or ceremony and would like guidance.
• You desire energy, vitality, radiance, youthfulness, and beauty.
• You would like to add a little levity, laughter, creativity, or wit to your life.


  • How to Call Upon St. Germain:


Calling upon St. Germain needn’t be difficult or complicated, mainly because he is always here! This is his time, his age, and he is closely watching this planet from above right now. It is even reported that St. Germain will touch down and visit, walk through walls, levitate, and deliver messages to those who need his help and who resonate with his energy. Simply feeling close to St. Germain means that he is with you. If you are drawn to crystals, the color purple, and the amethyst in particular, you are a natural disciple of St. Germain. He closely guides and protects the freedom fighters of our age, the mystics, the spiritual seekers, and the Indigos.


If you would like to get closer to this ascended master, continue immersing yourself in all things metaphysical, and keep transforming your mind, body, and spirit so as to sustain the vast outpouring of ascended energies everywhere present today. Believe in magic again as you did when you were a child. Keep wonder and awe alive in you. Look for little winks from the Universe, or synchronicities. Have as many new and novel experiences as you can. Continue sticking up for yourself and your freedom. Continue keeping your eyes wide open, and help others awaken their consciousness whenever you have the chance. Let us hold steady while forging the path that St. Germain cleared for us as we celebrate our progress each and every step of the way! This ascended master reminds us to enjoy the sweetness of life and celebrate the long-awaited Age of Aquarius.


The time is now. Thank you, St. Germain, for making all of this possible!

St. Germain Oil- Personal Transformation, Violet Flame, Erase Old Karma, Alchemy


    The Conjured Saint Ritually-Blessed Oils are crafted to enhance and promote ritual-working, spell-working and personal intent.  These spiritual recipes can be used to anoint the body or tools, burned in an oil burner, or added to ritual baths.

    Our sacred oils are hand-blended and bottled into “metaphysical battery-packs” of concentrated magick.  Each oil contains its own spiritual life force (the soul), that is harnessed by harvesting Mother Nature’s blessings.  Plants are alive, and everything that lives has a soul like essences. Roots, seeds, leaves, and petals all contain a specific metaphysical signature that is captured and magickally-infused into the oil that corresponds to each botanical’s intent and purpose. 


    The botanicals used are specifically selected by The Conjured Saint from our sacred, blessed garden and then hand-blended with blessed crystals to create powerful, divine oils.  Crystals, like botanicals, are living beings, charged with a universal life-force.  Harnessing this energizing life force into the oils allows them to continually recharge themselves.  


    The Conjured Saint oils are designed to endure through the use of Vitamin E and premium-selected grapeseed oil, which preserve their sacred shelf life. Blessed under the moon during the appropriate moon cycle, holy days of religious days of obligation, and according to the correct energy of the days of the week, each oil is its own life-force in a vial, ready to be used to enhance spell-work. The Conjured Saint oils are adaptable to any spiritual practice.

    Botanically-infused on the appropriate days to enhance their properties, the oils are then blessed on a sacred altar under the watchful eyes of the saints and steeped with the powerful crystals that harvest the energy and vitality of Earth’s divine magick.  The inclusion of crystals in The Conjured Saint’s recipes provides an energy-generating quality that is unique to The Conjured Saint spells and magickal products.

    The ritual blending and blessing of the oils is a traditional ceremony carried out amidst powerful magickal, holy, and religious relics, an altar of cascading crystal waterfalls, the elements of fire, water, earth, and air, and otherworldly intervention that completes the process.  The Conjured Saint leaves no stone unturned when formulating our oils, so that you may reap the benefits of divine Earth magick.