Stay on their mind Oil -Love Haunt Oil-Stay On Your Lover's Mind, Permanently!

Stay on Their Mind Oil


Feel like you’re losing your hold on your lover? Worried they have a wandering eye? Struggling to keep a new paramour interested? Keep them burning for you with our Stay on Their Mind Oil, carefully blended and steeped to make you irresistible to your target and give them a one-track mind for you.


Our proprietary blend of peaches, zesty bergamot, honeysuckle, magnolia, wild jasmine, sandalwood, and willow wood makes you charming, boosts your confidence, and increases your powers of seduction.


Willow wood is well-known as an enchanting wood that is useful for charm work, making it the perfect addition to this magickal potion!


Stay on Their Mind is at its best when applied to the pressure points, while thinking lusty thoughts. Imagine your target kissing you, as you dab this oil onto your wrists and the nape of your neck. The pressure points are the culmination of circulation, which means they lead to the heart, the command center of love, and quicken when the body experiences sexual desire.


You may also choose to use Stay on Their Mind Oil in a bath before seeing your partner. Simply add a few drops to the water. Use this oil during candle magick by dressing a red candle with it. To keep love burning strong, dab it onto a marriage certificate or other documents important to the relationship.

Stay on Their Mind Spell

You Will Need:

Stay on Their Mind Oil

White ritual candle

Red ritual candle

Matches or lighter

Pin to carve candle

Small bowl


Begin by pouring a small amount of Stay on Their Mind Oil into the bottom of the bowl—just enough to safely set the candles in the oil. Make sure your candle is sturdy and safe. Before setting the candle, carve both your own name and your lover’s name into the wax. Set the candle into the oil mixture inside the bowl. Light the white candle, while chanting your lover’s name. Once lit, use the flame from the white candle to light the red candle. Set the red candle alongside the white candle. Allow the candles to melt down into a pool together.


Stay on Their Mind Oil- Stay On Your Lover's Mind, Permanently!